Does pre-workout actually benefit lifters?

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Pre-work use is a very controversial topic in the weightlifting community. Some argue it gives that “pump” and energy you need for a good workout. Others believe that it is unnecessary and it is actually harmful to lifters. As you read, this article will give you information on how pre-workout works and if there is anything lifters need to be worried about.

Some lifters at Washington High School wanted to give their input on if they believe pre-work actually helps. Christian Gonzalez, a junior, says, “I don’t like pre-workout personally because I don’t think you are getting a full workout if it’s being engaged by things like caffeine. I think it just gives you an energy rush so you’re not truly lifting at your natural strength.” Junior Jacob Bailey says, “I think pre-workout is beneficial because it gives you the energy to lift at your max potential. As long as you are careful and read what you’re taking you will be fine.” 

“I think that people need to be careful because of the risk they take and they must choose trusted products and read the information carefully.”

In an article from VeryWellFit, they say, “Pre-workout supplements contain ingredients like Caffeine that contain up to 4 cups of coffee per serving…They also include Creatine which concentrates on the muscle tissues and gives a short burst of energy…Ingredients like L-Arginine, B-alanine, Taurine, and Betaine are also included in Pre-workout.” Another source from The Cleveland Clinic said, “You don’t always know what other ingredients are packaged into some pre-workout supplements…But with whole foods you know what you’re getting.” Many ingredients that Pre-workout contain can be found in natural foods like turkey, yogurt, eggs, and cheese. 

All sources say that there is no evidence that the use of these ingredients will increase performance, and health outcomes. Gonzalez says “I honestly would rather just eat the healthy foods that give me the same value because at least I know what I am consuming.” Effects of Pre-workout can lead to major dehydration which leads to cramps and fainting. Studies have shown people can become dependent on Pre-workout because of the addictive properties of Caffeine. Bailey then said, “I think that people need to be careful because of the risk they take and they must choose trusted products and read the information carefully.” The choice ultimately depends on the user and how much they trust their product.

Xavier Walker is a current junior at Washington High School. He was born and partially raised in Oakland, CA. This is Xavier’s first year on the paper. Xavier likes to write about sports as well as health. Xavier loves playing sports and is on the Washington football and basketball team. He also loves to draw. Xavier’s future plans are to continue playing sports in college.

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