Prisha Mishra

Prisha is a senior at Washington and she grew up in Fremont, California. This is her third year at the paper and she is the Editor-in-Chief this year. She is looking forward to leading The Hatchet this year and working to create a successful newspaper. Prisha wants to study business and communications in college.

Section Editors

Divya Rajesh

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Divya Rajesh is in her Junior year at Washington High School. As this is their second year in the Hatchet, Divya is the section editor of the Arts and Entertainment section. She enjoys writing about current events, arts, and opinionated pieces. Along with writing, their hobbies include dancing around the Bay Area and painting. Divya plans on continuing to study in the Bay Area as well as continuing to write about her favorite topics!

Dylan Mabunga

Dylan Mabunga is a junior at Washington High School. He was born in San Jose, California, and moved to Fremont early in his life. This is Dylan’s second year on the Hatchet and he is the editor of the Features section. He is interested in writing about sports, world events, and his own personal opinions. Dylan enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with friends in his spare time. He is unsure of what he wants to do in the future, but he is planning on going to college and isn’t sure what to major in.

Xavier Walker

Xavier Walker is a current senior at Washington High School. He was born and partially raised in Oakland, CA, and moved to Fremont seven years ago. This is Xavier’s second year on the paper. Xavier likes to write about sports, working out, and health. Xavier loves playing sports and is a captain on the Washington Huskies High School football team. Xavier also likes drawing, listening to rap, writing, and playing video games. Xavier plans on going to college to major in journalism and play college football, as he already has two scholarship offers to Whittier, and Knox College.

Jayla Farrington

Jayla Farrington is a senior this year at Washington and grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. This will be her second year at the Hatchet and she is the Opinions editor. She enjoys writing about controversial topics, mental health, and pop culture. Jayla loves anything to do with art, traveling, and good music. After high school she plans on going to college and/or med school to study psychology and advance in a career as a psychiatrist.

Arthur Maung

Arthur Maung is a senior at Washington High School and has lived in the city of Fremont his entire life. This is his second year at the Hatchet, and he is the News Section editor of the paper. Arthur joined the paper to express his interests in anime and issues in Fremont. His hobbies include, but are not limited to, watching anime & Youtube, reading manga/manhwa, playing video games, and listening to music. After high-school Arthur plans to continue his education at USC, then head off to the tech industry.

Website Manager


Nishika Datla

Nishika Datla is a sophomore at Washington High School. She was born in Hayward, but has lived in Fremont her entire life. This is her second year with The Hatchet, and she is the website manager this year. She is interested in covering stories about the arts, activism, and important events in both the Washington community and the world. Nishika enjoys drawing, crocheting, playing badminton, and hanging out with her friends. In the future she hopes to go to college and become a scientist.

Staff Reporters

Zahi Imaduddin

Zahi Imaduddin is a senior at Washington High School. He was born and raised in Fremont, California, and this is his first year at the paper. He hopes to discuss the intersections of technology and psychology and how technology shapes culture. His hobbies include coding, cooking, creating 3D art, and working out. He hopes to study computer science in college and eventually start a company. With a strong interest in the ocean, he hopes to one day sell all his belongings and live on a boat.

Ava Paine

Ava Paine is a current senior at Washington High School; this is her first year at The Hatchet. Born and raised in Fremont, she is interested in reviewing local restaurants and books. Ava is varsity captain of the girls tennis team, participates in varsity cheerleading, and is president of WHS Interact and WHS Model UN. In her free time she loves to bake, take care of her houseplants, play with her labrador retriever, read, and listen to Taylor Swift. In the future, she hopes to study international relations or law.

Shazia Shameerullah

Shazia Shameerullah is a junior at Washington High School. She has lived in Fremont since elementary school. This is her first year at the Hatchet. Her favorite subjects at school include social studies and English. She enjoys being with friends, traveling, cooking, reading, and watching sitcoms. She is interested in reporting on politics, historical events, and local news. Later in life, Shazia hopes to pursue a career in law and to travel to new places.

Noah Yonas

Noah Yonas is a senior at Washington High School. He has lived in Fremont for the most part but is a San Jose native. This is his first year at the Hatchet. Noah intends to cover the average student’s perspective on a variety of topics. Noah is a member of the academic enrichment program Kingmakers. Noah plans on studying at Stanford where he intends to become an anesthesiologist. Noah also intends to become a role model for the generations to come.

Rylee Milnes

Rylee Milnes is a freshman at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont, California and this is her first year at the Hatchet. Rylee is very social and likes to interview people. Rylee's hobbies include, skating, surfing, snowboarding and any other outdoor activity. Rylee is the head captain of Washington’s JV cheerleading team, while healing from knee surgery. This recovery prevents her from playing sports that she enjoys such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and softball, but is determined to get back at it. Rylee plans on getting a degree in kinesiology to become a physical therapist.

Julianna Munoz

Julianna Munoz is a senior at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont and this is her first year at the paper. Her interests include art, especially painting and drawing. She also loves to shop online, to bake and to write, as well as spending time with her eight animals. After she graduates Julianna will go to college and study art, though she is also interested in acting.

Manjinder Singh

Manjinder Singh is a Junior at Washington High School. He grew up in Union City, and he moved to Fremont when he was six years old. This is his first year at the Washington High School newspaper, The Hatchet. He is interested in sports and technology. During his free time he enjoys spending time with friends and family. Additionally, he likes playing sports (specifically basketball). His future plans are to spend two years at Ohlone community college and to transfer to a UC. He has a strong will, and believes he can do anything he puts his mind to.

Nishitha Boosi

Nishitha Boosi, who is a senior at Washington High School, has lived in Fremont, California for the entirety of her life. She has grown up mostly in the small, but well known town of Niles. This is her first year writing for The Hatchet—Washington High School’s very own newspaper. She enjoys writing about current events, and art. Some of her hobbies include running, spending time with friends, and scrolling through social media. In the future, Nishitha plans on going to university. She is very excited for this school year to continue and prosper!  

Rachelle Lee

Born and raised in the Bay, Rachelle Lee is a first year writer for the Hatchet! Rachelle will cover topics regarding sports, campus life, and other issues that are occurring around not only campus, but the world! Rachelle is a senior at Washington High school and has been attending Washington all 4 years. She is an active member of the WHS Cheerleading Team and is also the Co-President of her club, Future of Our Generation! Rachelle is a proud owner of a mom car and a Dachshund. Undecided on her major, Rachelle hopes to attend a 4-year university after graduating.

Richard Pang

Richard Pang is a senior at Washington who was born and raised in Fremont. He is a reporter in his first year with The Hatchet. You might find him looking at aspects of student culture that get overlooked. On his off hours, you can find him organizing events on online platforms or doing some research on whatever topic caught his interest this week. He’s not sure where life will take him or how college will go, but there’s no fun in knowing what will happen.

Shane Whittle

Shane Whittle is a junior at washington high school who was born and raised in Fremont, California. This is his first year being part of The Hatchet. He is interested in reporting about the school sports and teams, along with things going on in the local community. Shane is part of clubs including Kids4Kids and unitopia where he helps tutor kids in different subjects. He has been part of the Washington Track and Field team for 3 years now. He plans to go to a college in California and pursuing a career in business and finance.

Sanam Haider

Sanam is a senior at Washington High School. She was born and raised in Fremont, California and this is her first year at The Hatchet. Some topics she is interested in writing about are history, food and culture, and politics. In her free time, she likes to read mostly about psychology, history, and mystery. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family. She plans to study abroad for college and find a major that she is passionate about.

Aisha Tarakji

Aisha Tarakji is a senior at Washington High School who was born in Damascus, Syria. She spent most of her childhood in both Damascus and Jordan. Aisha moved to Fremont, California, five years ago, and this is her first year as a journalist for the Hatchet. Her main interests are Washington High School's history and literature in general. Her hobbies include writing, crocheting, and a large variety of other quiet activities. Aisha hopes to major in English literature to become a successful writer and English teacher.

Gurshaan Sekhon

Gurshaan Sekhon is a senior at Washington High. He was born in India but moved to the US in 2016. He has recently joined the paper. He is interested in many things, including football, cultural foods, and cultural events. He does football and wrestling. His future plans are to become a member of the Army Special Ops Night Stalkers. Some interesting facts about him are that he has played cricket nationals in India and he also has some experience in the Fremont police department.


Gigi Astrid Monares

Gigi Astrid Monares is a second-year high school student in Washington. She spent her entire childhood in the Philippines before she immigrated to the US in 2018. She became a journalist because she enjoys photography. Her hobbies are watching Korean dramas and listening to music to keep her from becoming distracted while working. Although she’s still considering her options for the future, for the time being, Gigi simply wants to be able to graduate from high school and figure it out.


Chase Burgess

Chase Burgess is a junior who is in his first year at Washington High. He was born in the Bay Area, but moved to Oregon for 6 years before coming back to the Bay. He has been in journalism before in 8th grade and is excited to be back at it. This is his first year at the Hatchet and he is ready to meet new people while getting stories for everyone. His hobbies outside of school include biking, skating, reading, and doing origami as his creative outlet. He plans to graduate from Washington and then go to college pursuing psychology.

Amelia Delegencia

Amelia Delegencia is a senior at WHS. She was born, raised in, and represents the SF Bay Area. This is her first year at the Hatchet. She and her twin sib are TV hosts on FanTV and AsianNetTV. They give people a voice to share about their professions and passions, stories that might speak to you. She plans to follow her dreams. You should follow @Ameliaandadinah and @whshatchet to check out what’s up in the bay.

Shade Torres

Shade Torres is a senior at Washington High School. She was born in Oakland and raised in Fremont since elementary school. This is her first year at the Hatchet. Shade’s interests include criminology, cooking, reading, and listening to music. In her free time, she spends time with friends and family and likes going on walks. Her future goals consist of going to college and transferring to a UC. She plans to become an FBI Agent and then transfer to the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, VA.

Tavin Montoya

Tavin Montoya is a 2023 Washington High School senior. He grew up in Fremont, California but spent most of his time in Sonora on his grandfather's property. This will be his first year on the paper. Some of his journalistic interests are what seniors are up to, what the religious life in Fremont is like, or the political state of our country. Some of his hobbies are riding dirtbikes, being up in the mountains, or anything that allows him to get dirty. He currently works from time to time helping his dad at his daycare. Tavin plans to either go into carpentry or law enforcement.

Seher Yates

Seher Yates (12) is a student at Washington High School. She was born in Maryland and raised in Virginia, then moved to Fremont her freshman year of high school. This will be her first year at the paper, and her journalistic interests include pop culture and controversial topics. After adapting to California, Seher has found an interest in hiking at scenic spots and eating good Asian food. In her free time, Seher likes to complete puzzles or play brain games, and go out to explore with her friends. Seher plans to attend college down in Southern California.


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