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Submitting Work:

poetry prose and art

Calling all artists at Washington! We have created this space in order to provide Washington students a platform to express themselves creatively. If you are interested in submitting your poems, photography, paintings, digital art, etc, please read over the submission guidelines. Send us an email at and be sure to copy (cc) the email to Divya Rajesh, the editor of Arts & Entertainment at 

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor allow all Washington students and community members to publish their thoughts or opinions in The Hatchet, regardless of journalistic involvement. You are welcome to share your thoughts on an article we have written, your opinion on our coverage, etc. You are also able to write about a topic that interests you and is not in our coverage. If possible, we will try to include your thoughts in our next physical print version. If not, it will be posted online. We encourage a diversity of voices and views in our letters. To send a Letter to the Editor, please email and be sure to copy (cc) the email to the Editor-in-Chief at

Guest or Opinion Columns

Guest columns can be a topic of the author’s choosing. They are typically selected due to their proximity to a national or international issue, or their relevance to an issue on campus. They should be relevant to the The Hatchet‘s audience. Opinion columns are an argumentative-styled essay in which you can advocate for a certain action/etc. To submit a guest or opinion column please email and be sure to copy (cc) the email to the Editor-in-Chief at

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