Seasonal holidays: New Year’s

Image provided by Raven Arroyo. Top: Arroyo and family celebrate New Year’s.

  • To start the new year eating some good food – Diara
  • To not procrastinate, crazy right!! – Saghana
  • Get into college for zoology and maintain my grades – Briana
  • To be able to organize myself better – Raven
  • To become a soccer mom and buy a Subaru – Aniket
  • To get richer than Jeff Bezos – Divya
  • To stop making New Year’s resolutions I won’t follow – Divya

Raven Arroyo is a senior that grew up in Fremont. This is their second year at the Hatchet and they are interested in writing about books, movies, tv shows, and video games. They enjoy reading, riding their bike, taking care of their plants, painting, and writing short stories. Raven can often be found carrying around a notebook to write down ideas for possible stories. They hope that someday they will be able to publish a book of their own.

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