Comics: Bob’s Beach Day

This comic is entirely black and white.

-raskin the rooster
-mogey the pig
-bob moran

Slide 1: A farmhouse lies amidst rolling hills near a pond. ‘cockledoodledooo!!’

Slide 2: On the top half, raskin the rooster looks to the left, confused. On the bottom half, raskin the rooster thinks ‘hmm.’

Slide 3: raskin the rooster, with one eye open, says ‘eehmm.’

Slide 4: A close-up shot of the house. The word ‘cocledoodledooo!’ in large blocky letters on its right.

Slide 5: On the left half, mogey the pig is asleep. ‘zzz.’ On the right, mogey the pig is now awake, eyes wide.

Slide 6: mogey the pig says ‘hey Raskin.’

Slide 7: mogey the pig looks out over his fence at raskin the rooster and says ‘What’s up with the crowing?’

Slide 8: A frazzled raskin the rooster says ‘Farmer Bob hasn’t been waking up!’ mogey the pig looks concerned, while another pig in the background is asleep. ‘zzz.’

Slide 9: The farmhouse is on the left, rolling hills and a windmill (to the right) in the background. There is a pond with a frog in it. raskin the rooster and mogey the pig stare at each other. On the right, there are two chicken coops, a chick standing outside the one to the right. All of the animals have ‘?!’ above their heads and look confused. The word ‘what?!?’ in large blocky letters lies in the center of the image.

Slide 10: A distressed frog says ‘this can’t be!’

Slide 11: A confused cow says ‘What happened. Did he…’

Slide 12: The word ‘dIe?!’ in large, blocky letters.

Slide 13: Two confused bunnies with ‘?!’ over their heads.

Slide 14: A dog walks, singing ‘Doo Doo doo!’ Above the hills, ‘?!?.

Slide 15: An upset dog with ‘?!’ above his head says ‘hmm?!’ The word ‘skkrtt!’ is written below.

Slide 16: raskin the rooster calls out ‘Mogey!’

Slide 17: In order, from left to right, a dog, chicken, and another dog stand in front of the hills, the sun in the background. The dog on the right says ‘Did you hear? Farmer Bob is dead!’ An arrow at the bottom points towards a bubble, which is Slide 18.

Slide 18: A dog thinks back, saying ‘Well if I do recall…’ On the left, Farmer Bob marks his calendar.

Slide 19: Farmer Bob marking Beach Day on his calendar, the top half saying ‘August’ in the backdrop of an image with grass and a flower.

Slide 20: On the top, raskin the rooster says ‘BEACH day!?’ On the bottom half, a dog says ‘Yeah, Bob is alive and healthy.’

Slide 21: In order, from the left to right, raskin the rooster, mogey the pig, and a frog put their hands up celebrating. The word ‘Yay!!’ lies above them.

Slide 22: THE END.

Annie Bui is a sophomore at Washington High School. She has always been fond of drawing and art even if she may not be the best. Annie is a part of the school track team and competes in the hurdle events. In her free time you can find her playing with her dog, Latte. Her comic is inspired by her school teachers, Mr. Raskin the rooster, and Mogey the pig.

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