Artist spotlight: The creativity of Inah Yi

Image provided by Inah Yi. Top: One of Yi’s digital artworks.

All artists have a different way to create their art that they put all their efforts into, but have you ever wondered what they are? Art can be created in many different ways. For example: you can make art on a drawing app on your tablet/phone, or you can make art with the use of water, on paper. There are so many things in the world that can allow every artist to get inspired and create what they desire. Inah Yi, a 12th grade animator and digital artist at Washington High School talked about how she gets inspired for her art. Inah states that she gets inspiration from many different types of musical artists like Porter Robinson, RADWIMPS, and Yu-Peng, saying, “As an artist and musician both are creative outlets to make something beautiful.” Inah uses art as a way to express herself: as she explains, she has “so many ideas [she] wants to make into a reality.” Sometimes she uses her art to vent: when she has a really bad day, it makes her feel less stressed. Inah’s digital art takes about 16-20 hours to make, and her animation takes a couple days to a few months.

Doris Gonzalez is in twelve grade. She grew up in Niles, Fremont. She has been writing tiny animal books that have information about them since she was six years old. She started to write a book about a show that she wants to make in 2019, and she just finished the introduction of the book this year. She’s really interested in topics like climate change, endangered animals, and what’s going on with the LGBTQ+ community and the Black Lives Matter movement. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, writing, playing video games, and collecting stuff like anime figures, monster high dolls, shopkins, manga, and Disney movies. Her future plans are writing a book and starting a tv show (but not directing it, because she’s really bad at directing others). She also wants to work at an animal rehabilitation center, make YouTube videos, and go to UC Davis.

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