Spirit Week 2019-2020: Juniors

For the class of 2021, Spirit Week, with its skits, rallies, and costumes, is the most anticipated week of the year. Despite the huge amount of pressure from the senior class, juniors were still able to rise to the occasion and thrive in their third Spirit Week. Preparation for this year’s Spirit Week began early as the class of 2021 was eager to snatch first place. “We have been preparing for this years’ Spirit Week since July,”said junior class president Abi Shiva. “We started meeting at people’s houses and planning events and backdrops and just continued the grind until the night before Spirit Week. I know were going to be great” For the junior skit, Huskies were whisked out of Washington High School and transported to the futuristic hybrid city of San Fransokyo, from the Disney hit “Big Hero 6”, where they followed Hiro and Baymax try to take back Washington High School’s spirit from the evil Yokai. The skit was only possible due to the amazing costumes, props, and dances the junior class had tirelessly prepared. 

The same can be said for set design. According to Grace Bergquist, a junior who worked behind the scenes on the backdrops team, the eye catching scenery took months to make, and was one of the most difficult elements. “Ever since August, our team of around ten met up every week to work on the backdrops,”she said,“Each backdrop took several hours to put together, first sketching, and then going over it in paint, and I am very proud of what our team was able to produce this year.”

All of this hard work paid off, as the class of 2021 came in 2nd, bested only by the senior class of 2020. “We lost to the seniors by just a few points and I am very proud of our class for coming to the rallies, dressing up, participating in the skit, and overall giving the seniors such a tight competition this year” junior class vice president Tiffany Kuang said.However, a great turnout did not come without difficulties. Shiva outlined the issues they face, saying , “everyone challenges themselves and take lots of rigorous courses during their junior year. We are all so incredibly busy from homework, tests and with our own schedules that it is difficult to coordinate a time when everyone can come and work on Spirit Week.”

With their high spirited rallies, attention grabbing  decorations, and entertaining skit, the juniors definitely made their mark. Shiva ends our interview saying,“ We worked really hard and I am very proud of our class’s performance this year. We were able to come together, show so much spirit and I know that our senior year spirit week is truly going to be something special.” Starting the week off with tacky tourist day and skit, the Junior class showed up bearing binoculars, hawain shirts, and socks with sandals. It was amazing to see how many juniors actually participated. The humor Baymax added to an otherwise quite serious storyline was probably the best part. As the Junior class president, Abi Shiva, said “We’ve been practicing since July, and I know we’re going to be great.”

Kasidee Law grew up in Manteca, California, and in Fremont. This is her second year at the Hatchet and she is the Opinions Editor. Her goal is to bring different types of opinions to light and open dialogues. Her future plans are going to community college and then transferring to a four year to get her degree in early childhood education.

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