Why Tekken 8 should be the next game you play

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We’re only a few months into 2024, and there’s already a multitude of great games to choose from. Some popular titles include Helldivers 2, and Persona 3: Reload. But only one game stands out, and that would be Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8. This is going to be a review of Tekken 8 as well as an introduction to the series for those who are unfamiliar.

Tekken is a fighting game franchise that started in 1994. Tekken is unique because it is one of the first fighting games to use 3d sprites, and the first to incorporate 3d movement. While in most fighting games the camera barely moves and we only get to fight on a 2D plane, Tekken introduced the sidestep mechanic. While the characters mostly play like classic 2D fighters, they have an extra movement option. 

As someone with a decent amount of experience with fighting games, but absolutely zero experience with Tekken prior to Tekken 8, I think this game is great. Compared to other fighting games, the mechanics and overall movement of the characters feel so much more advanced, yet satisfying at the same time. The sidestep mechanic adds a whole new layer of depth to the gameplay, and while the moves and combos are difficult to pull off, it’s still fun learning them. 

Tekken 8 has implemented a few beginner friendly mechanics, such as beginner mode, which allows you to execute combos that would otherwise be very tricky, with a few button presses. Many recent fighting games like Street Fighter 6 have taken a similar, beginner friendly approach, and some people are concerned about the new direction these games are going. 

Kyle Kim, a senior at Washington High School and longtime fan of fighting games, gave his input: “It’s definitely the most hyped up installment of the series, but I’m not sure about the direction Tekken 8 is going. I’m not sure about the more casual beginner friendly mechanics like the heat mechanic.” Adrian Arellano, another senior at Washington, disagrees: “I don’t think that’s the case at all. While there are games that have systems in place that are sort of crutches, like modern mode in Street Fighter 6, the competitive scene stays pretty much the same, and it’s not really that big of a deal if someone relies on these amenities too much. It’s bringing people into the scene, which is nice.”

Tekken 8’s complex combat system provides intense and exciting gameplay that might be refreshing to those who are bored with shooters or battle royales. If you’re a returning fan, or just a beginner, you should definitely check out this installment as it has something for everyone.

Samuel Douglas was born and raised in the Bay Area, and is a freshman at Washington High School. This is his first year working on the Hatchet. He is eager to write about things like art and entertainment. He enjoys drawing, or just being creative in general. Sam likes making new friends, and he hopes that he can be friends with everyone he interviews. In the future, he wants to improve his art and eventually publish his own comic book series.

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