Why Play Sports? A Personal Reflection

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Sports are big on campus here at Washington. There are so many options to choose from when trying out for a sport. But why do people really join sports? Is it because they have a true love for the sport? Or because they want scholarships? Or is it peer pressure from family or friends? Or maybe because they simply want something to do. A current senior here at Washington, Nia Owens, is in her third year of being on the basketball team. When asked why she joined the team she said, “I do it because I get bored. So it keeps me busy.” Playing for three years shows a lot of commitment. Nia has also tried other sports like throwing shotput and discus for track and field. 

Another senior at Washington, Cassandra Price, plays softball and has been playing for years. Cassandra says, “I play softball because I love the community and the forever family that comes from it.” Cassie has been playing softball since elementary school. In fact, that is how this reporter first met her. Cassie and I became friends playing softball together on the same team and have stayed friends since then. In most sports, teamwork is essential, and most of the time we grow close to our teammates. They are with us when we win games or lose games. Going through tough challenges with people makes us form bonds with them. So, lifelong friendships can be made with teammates. It makes sense that students join sports to make friends. Who doesn’t love to have more friends? 

Personally, my reasons for playing are different.. My first sport was softball, which I played because I thought it was a cool sport and it interested me. After elementary school I played volleyball and did shotput and discus. If my friend had not convinced me and pressured me, I would not have gone out for the team. 

Aside from the reasons of loving the sport, making friends and just needing something to do, are there more underlying reasons that you should play sports? Many studies show that not only does your physical health increase, but also your mental health. Playing sports helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can even help relieve stress. Sports and other forms of physical activity release endorphins which make us happy and also reduce levels of the stress hormone, called cortisol. Joining sports has a lot of benefits and might just be worth your time and consideration. Boost your physical and mental health and make forever friends and family by choosing to play a sport. 

Sonya Garcia is a current senior at Washington High School. She was born in Walnut Creek and raised in Fremont. This is Sonya’s first year on the paper. She is interested in writing about sports and events that take place at Washington High School or our Community. Her hobbies include waitressing at her job, doing make-up and shopping. She hopes to go out for Track and Field Throwing again this year. After high school, Sonya wants to continue waitressing while she studies business in community college. She hopes to one day open a small business of her own.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that you could use volleyball and sports to socialize and enjoy the game! I have a friend who wants to try out new activities this year. Maybe we should start by finding a place where they can learn and start volleyball this year.

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