Washington’s annual Club Rush

Image provided by author. Top: Students joining a club at Club Rush.

On Thursday September 15th, hundreds of students rushed over to the club stands through the green grass field of Washington High School. Dozens of posters and tables crowded the area, and students filled in the empty space waiting to sign up for a club. The opportunity to join clubs, create new friends, discover new interests, and much more were all available to Washington High School students during the two-day Club Rush event that took place at lunch.  Out of the 28 clubs at the school, each one offers a different set of activities ranging from community service, art and culture, and academics. 

Senior Shreya Virunchipuram joined Husky Buddies for the first time. This is a program that allows kids to socialize with neuroatypical classmates on Wednesdays and Thursdays during lunch. All club members can interact with one another by taking part in a wide range of activities. From playing with legos, special olympics, and eating lunch together, this club is a great way to close the barrier between the general student population and students in special education. What caught Shreya’s attention was what the club had to offer. “It’s important for everyone to feel included. Growing up in a society that isolates you can be very detrimental,” she states. “I am looking forward to making new friends and more memories.’’ 

Several students, however, were rejoining a club they had formerly been a part of. The secretary of the Performing Arts Club is senior Meri Dolbakyan. She has been a member of the club for four years, and this is her final year. Being able to hang out with other creative people, Meri finds the club to be a terrific setting. “I believe that the performing arts club brings people together. Everyone in the performing arts club is super generous and funny,’’ she claims. “I am looking forward to meeting new individuals who love art.”  Students can interact with one another and develop lifelong friendships through the Performing Arts Club. 

It is challenging to persuade others to join a club in which you already participate. At the Interact station, the members encouraged  people to join by telling them about the benefits of the club. Interact is a global organization that promotes leadership abilities, creates awareness about specific issues, organizes volunteer activities, and raises funds. Numerous people decided to join due to the club leaders’ charisma and upbeat attitude. Ava Paine, the co-president, states that being a member of this group has provided her opportunities, opened doors for her to interact with new people, and strengthened some of her skills, which is why she decided to return. “Interact has absolutely improved my public speaking skills and also helped me come out of my shell to connect with other students around the Bay Area,’’ she says. “I’ve had the opportunity to direct six other school clubs, and organize conferences with over 2000 attendees throughout the years.” 

This year’s club rush was highly successful. We’re looking forward to what these clubs have in store for their members and the school.

Sanam is a senior at Washington High School. She was born and raised in Fremont, California and this is her first year at The Hatchet. Some topics she is interested in writing about are history, food and culture, and politics. In her free time, she likes to read mostly about psychology, history, and mystery. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family. She plans to study abroad for college and find a major that she is passionate about.

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