The Wonderful Winter Week

As the holidays began to approach, Washington announced that they had joined Irvington, American, Kennedy and Mission High in their yearly competition: Winter Week. The event always contains a fundraiser and (just like Spirit Week) a different theme to style your outfit after each day. This year it even included an Among Us game between the different schools!

First, there was Merry Morning Monday, where you could wear pajamas, and then Holiday Hat Tuesday, where you were urged to put on a fabulous holiday-themed piece of headgear. Next came Winter Wardrobe Wednesday, which was about putting on some winter gear such as mittens or jackets, followed by Tacky Threads Thursday where you were supposed to flaunt your ugliest ugly Christmas sweater. The last day was School Spirit Friday, and all students were asked to wear their respective school colors, which for us is orange and black (of course).

There was also a list of Winter Week challenges that all students were encouraged to try out to earn more points for their schools. Activities included making holiday themed treats, watching holiday themed movies, making a TikTok, building a pillow fort, sending in your favorite holiday song, putting up decorations, wrapping presents, and more.

Sadly, many WHS students didn’t join in on the festivities until later on in the week — and even then not that many people joined in. Many didn’t even look like they dressed up for the events and those who did participate simply used the background from the Instagram account, huskycountry, instead of actually wearing clothes to match the theme for the day.

On Monday, the first day of the competition, Washington was in last place when it came to participation, only ranging around 760 points. Tuesday we remained in last place with 1,610 points. On Wednesday we finally moved up to 4th place above Irvington, and we stayed there for the rest of the week!

By the end of Winter Week, Mission came in first place, Kennedy in second, American third, we were fourth, and Irvington was in last place.

On Thursday the Among Us tournament took place. Upon asking around about the tournament and who participated in it, the response would often be “There was a Among Us tournament?” Perhaps there wasn’t enough publicity for the event because in an interview with Mr. Soltau, he said “We weren’t quite sure what to expect and once it started, we were a little too late. We will be prepared next year.”

The Among Us event included 118 students who signed up for the tournament. The winners were Niketana from JFK in First place, Deetya from JFK in Second place, and Mir from WHS in Third place (last names not available).

Lastly, there was a charity event for Meals on Wheels, which is a charity that gives seniors citizens food and care packages. The event raised $2,144.56 and Washington students donated more than half the total donations among the five schools according to Mr. Soltau!

Even though Washington did not come in first place when it came to the competition, we showed our support by raising the most money out of all the schools! Hopefully next Winter Week we will be more prepared now that we know what to expect and will show the other schools what us Huskies really have to offer!

Alissa Freitas rocks her winter wear!

Raven Arroyo is a senior that grew up in Fremont. This is their second year at the Hatchet and they are interested in writing about books, movies, tv shows, and video games. They enjoy reading, riding their bike, taking care of their plants, painting, and writing short stories. Raven can often be found carrying around a notebook to write down ideas for possible stories. They hope that someday they will be able to publish a book of their own.

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