A new season of spooktacular homes in Fremont

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Spooky season has arrived, and you know what that means: Halloween is here! Everyone celebrates Halloween in their own way, whether they dress up in fun costumes or go trick or treating with their friends. Although these are some of the many popular ways people spend their time on Halloween, others find different ways to express their love for it.

 Nova Carniato-Hirsch is a junior who attends Washington. For Halloween, she enjoys decorating her house—a family tradition for the past 10 years. “Halloween decorations are a really big part of why we celebrate because it makes it fun to have a decorated neighborhood, and it inspires other people to put decorations up,” says Carniato-Hirsch

As trick or treating involves interacting with others’ houses, decorating your home in mysterious and supernatural ways helps attract the attention of trick or treaters. When thinking of the Halloween season, many think about ghosts, vampires, witches, pumpkins, and the colors orange and black. “We put up a lot of lights and fake spiderwebs.” says Nova. Additionally, Nova’s front yard boasts a graveyard, a ghost, and colorful lights placed in order to draw attention to the spooky decor. Since she was a kid, Nova has always loved Halloween; being able to have a lot of decorations inspired by the holiday has made it something she is now passionate about. 

To Nova, Halloween is special because “it’s something to look forward to and it makes the kids in the neighborhood happy.” The decorated houses are definitely something that younger kids look forward to. Halloween is such a super special holiday for Nova and her family every year. Seeing how decorating their house makes others happy has made them want to continue their tradition!

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