The Rainbow Over Fremont

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Imagine living in a midsized city where it’s relatively quiet. Nothing majorly negative or bad exists within the city. The city mostly has a calm, chill nature where you can walk anywhere without expecting any trouble. This quiet city then gets announced as being the happiest city in the entirety of America in the year 2021. This city is Fremont, California. Our city’s residents should be full of pride and appreciation to call Fremont home.

Fremont has had many professional and respected organizations describe us as the “happiest city” in the country. We have the KTVU Fox 2 news channel calling it the “No.1 happiest city in America.” We’ve had ABC news & USA TODAY saying the same, as Fremont tops the list of happiest cities. Finally, we have the root source of all this news: Wallethub, a respected finance website that collects all the necessary data to rank cities in its surveys, determined that Fremont was the happiest.

Fremont is obviously doing something right. Fremont was the top in the U.S. in terms of emotional and physical well-being. In simple terms, most of Fremont’s residents are very healthy and have a positive mindset. To add, Fremont is tied at the top of having the lowest depression rate. It is also in the top five in terms of community and environment. Fremont’s community is caring and the city’s environment is also calm in nature and clean in comparison with other cities. The city is actually the lowest in the United States in terms of divorce and separation rates, which is exceptional compared to more dense and populous places like Cleveland or Detroit, which are the highest in the same category.

Students have also noticed Fremont’s tranquility. Ashton, a junior at Washington High School, stated that the city is “chill,” highlighting the safe environment. Another Washington High School student, Keshav, said that Fremont is indeed happy. Even the city of Fremont has recognized its title as the happiest city and is proudly shining it on its city website.

All of this evidence and information clearly show that Fremont deserves its title. And in personal words, I believe that any person that was raised in Fremont should be appreciative that they’re born in such a serene environment where they don’t have to worry about their safety. Any person born in Fremont should also be proud of being raised here, where they could proudly tell anyone that they were raised in Fremont, known as the happiest city in all of America. The city has beaten hundreds of other cities in terms of happiest to the point where its residents should all be full of pride. 

Fremont, even in the possible future where it’s not number one anymore, will always be one of the happiest places out there, where you could even say that there was always a rainbow over this gorgeous community.

Arthur Maung is a junior at Washington High School and has lived in the city of Fremont his entire life. This is his first year at the Hatchet, fully new to the paper. Arthur joined the paper to express his interests in anime and issues in Fremont. His hobbies include, but are not limited to, watching anime & Youtube, reading manga/manhwa, playing video games, and listening to music. After high-school Arthur plans to continue his education at Ohlone College, then transfer to any university to continue his education & adult life.

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