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For many, Halloween is the most anticipated night of the year. As the night goes on, we see more and more people in costumes roaming the streets. Some are fairies, while others are scary clowns. However, we usually see store-bought costumes. What about the handmade costumes? 

As we all know, Halloween is coming, meaning that for the past few weeks, we’ve seen nothing but costume parties and costumes. Usually, the outfits that win are either inflatable dinosaurs or some sort of meme. However, DIY suits are generally overlooked. Although DIY costumes can be enjoyable, they can also be highly time-consuming and take up a lot of energy.  So, why do people make their costumes when they can just buy them?

Hand-crafting your costume can be a great way to display your creativity and skill: from sewing the costumes, to even painting them, it is a great way to show off your talent. “I recently have been getting into artsy stuff, so I was like why not,” sophomore Delisha Doppa says. Her costume consists of a black sweater with a skeleton painted on the front. She explains that this is her first year making her costume and that she would like to display her recent interest in art through her outfits. She is not alone, however. Many others are making their own Halloween costumes this year to express themselves. 

Doppa’s costume this year.

Now that we know why people make their costumes, the question is whether handmade costumes are better than store-bought ones. Doppa explains that she prefers making costumes “because of the process: It’s like how you study really hard for a test, and then you get an A.” Here she explains that making your costume and seeing the outcome can make you proud and illustrious. Although it depends on each individual, Doppa strongly believes making your costume is worth it. 

To sum it all up, although traditionally costumes are bought and worn, DIYing your apparel can be a great pastime, as well as a great way to express yourself. You can explore different styles and themes, as well as incorporate your personality into the costume. In all, making your own costume can be pleasant and enjoyable. Are you going to make your own costume next year?

Divya Rajesh is currently a Senior at Washington High School. This is their 3rd year in the Hatchet and their first year as the Editor in Chief. Some of her hobbies include reading, painting, and dancing. Divya is looking forward to working with the Hatchet this year!

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