Spirit Week 2019-2020: Sophomores

In their second year at Washington High School, the class of 2022 was ready to face another spirit week. After taking fourth place in their freshman year, the sophomores placed an emphasis on improvement for this year’s spirit week. 

Lance Aves, the president of the class of 2022, mentions that much time and effort was dedicated to this year’s class skit, a husky rendition of the movie Tangled. “We spent many months and countless hours practicing dances, memorizing lines, and painting backdrops,” he said. “We had an amazing time and I am so proud of what our team had achieved.”  

The sophomore’s enticing and well choreographed reenactment, with Tania Padilla as Rapunzel and Aaron Edelson as Flynn Ryder, did well to demonstrate the tremendous amount of husky spirit that the class of 2022 has. The audience was drawn in by the colorful backdrops, one depicting the interior of Rapunzel’s tower, and the other two depicting the kingdom of Corona, where Rapunzel hails from. Sophomores were also able to take advantage of the captivating nature of props, as shown when fairy lights were waved around in tune with the music, keeping the audience engaged and impressed with the quality of the skit. Dances were creative and in sync, making the sophomore performance look powerful and adding pressure for the skits that would come after. 

The only issue was skit attendance, as there were significantly fewer sophomores on the stage as compared to the day before. Aves mentions that they will be focusing on increasing participation for next year’s skit. “Next year, we will definitely try and get more people to come and participate because this year, many people had to spend a lot of extra time to make sure all the props, dances, and backdrops could be done to the best of our ability.” With more classmates working together, Aves hopes to decrease the pressure on the existing team for next year’s skit, garnering better quality with less stress. 

On Tuesday, Huskies were awed by the gorgeous posters and streamers that the sophomores had placed over the campus. In rallies, whether touting cowboy hats or pirate beards, the sophomores were able to bravely hold their ground, chanting along with freshmen and seniors alike. With their energetic rallies and high dress up participation, the class of 2022 displayed their abundance of class spirit. 

Although the efforts did not result in victory, Aves remains positive. He claims that nothing could take away the fun the class had together and the invaluable experience gained from working on spirit week this year. 

While there is room for improvement, the sophomores still thrived in their second Spirit week. “I am very proud of our class this year, and I truly hope that there will be more participants in the future,” Aves said, expressing his high hopes for their Junior year performance. As seen by the tremendous amount of effort already present, there is no doubt that the class of 2022 is a force to be reckoned with. 

This staff reporter graduated in 2020. Lakshmi Valaboju is a senior at Washington High School. She was born in New Jersey, and she moved a lot throughout her life. This is her first year working at the school’s paper. She likes covering technology or similar topics in the journalism field. She likes to watch tv, paint, and write.

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