Spirit Week 2019-2020: Seniors

The Class of 2020 was eager to make a lasting impression on the underclassmen with an inspired take on the movie Coco. To create a presentable skit along with entertaining dances was a daunting challenge for the class officers, but with teamwork and leadership, the seniors were able to make their last year as Huskies as memorable as possible for not only themselves but the entire school. The seniors’ enthusiasm began in the early morning of Spirit Week with united rallies. This eagerness culminated in the seniors winning first place overall. 

Senior class president Erin Valdecanas, vice president Neil Rock, and treasurer Andrea Menchaca took charge to lead the senior class to victory. , “Although it is difficult to organize the skit alone, with the help of the other officers we were able to get things done as soon as possible Valdecanas said.“In fact, along with the other officers, students came to us asking how they could help. A lot of people did and with the support of those students we remained on task.” 

However, the road to victory was not an easy one. Being the senior class means that there is added pressure to be the best, and when faced with the challenge of limited participation in the initial practices, it can be disheartening. To this Valdecanas says, “a lot of people showed up during Gym Night and we took up a lot of time teaching the dances to them. But before we knew it, Gym Night was over.” 

To combat this issue, class officers and some dedicated students took charge by using social media. They posted videos on Instagram of the dances beforehand, spreading knowledge of when each dance would be performed. In addition, they used their Facebook page to inform participants of the montage they had created and instructing what to do when it was scheduled to play. The usage of social media proved to be invaluable and made up for the limited time the seniors had to perfect their skit.

 To attest to that, a dance participant, Alicia Cordova, said “while during Gym Night, we were not able to do a full run through of the skit, the class officers made it easy for the dancers to have access to all the dances. A lot of people stepped up to make this skit special and I am grateful for that.” 

All the extra effort the Class of 2020 put in, along with the class officers’ guidance, allowed for the skit to earn its  first place finish. “At the end of the day we had a lot of fun creating and working towards our last spirit week and I am glad that our efforts paid off,” Class Vice President Neil Rock concludes. Ultimately, the senior year class has succeeded in making their final year memorable by banding together as huskies. 

This staff reporter graduated in 2020. Anshi Vora is a senior at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont, California. This is her first year working for the Hatchet. Anshi enjoys writing for a variety of articles in different subjects. In her free time, Anshi likes reading and watching TV. She hopes to major in computer science in college.

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