Restaurant review: Shalimar in Fremont

Image provided by author. Top: A meal at Shalimar.

The Indian population in Fremont has grown dramatically over the years. Their amazing foods filled with varieties of flavor has lots of people getting hooked. In Fremont there are a variety of different Indian communities. From the ‘World Population Review” it states that Fremont’s population is 247,708. About 59.37% of this population is Asian. With the large population of Indians in Fremont, this led to many restaurants and grocery stores being opened. 

There are many Indian restaurants in Fremont, one famous one is known as Shalimar. One of their most famous dishes is called Chicken tikka masala, eaten usually with naan (round bread) or even rice. This dish is filled with many delicious spices such as, garam masala, turmeric, cumin, ground coriander, garlic and paprika. Other spices could be used as well but at Shalimar, I was told these spices are a must for the curry sauce! The creamy smooth texture comes primarily from the tomatoes, cream, and butter. At Shalimar, they add their own twist to the chicken. They marinate it with flavorful spices then cook the chicken in a tandoor. A tandoor is a cylindrical clay or metal oven used for dishes made in Southern, Central and Western Asia. When the creamy sauce and flavorful chicken are put together, it creates a dish that is beyond mouthwatering. 

Shalimar was one of the first Indian restaurants that really made me love Indian food so much more. The staff was overly friendly and very helpful when it came to ordering. When you needed something like sauces, they were on their way to provide that for you. Let’s not get me started on the drinks, they have this amazing mango lassi. It’s so smooth and flavorful and tastes very authentic, it goes perfect after eating your meal. To finish off your meal you can also order a famous desert they serve called Ladoo. It’s made from gram flour, sugar, ghee or oil and shaped like a sphere. If you are possibly too full to finish the meal off with a dessert, then the mango lassi is definitely a must!

Overall, my experience at Shalimar was very memorable! The food was out of this world and I really hope people enjoyed it just as much as I did. It’s a family oriented restaurant, which is perfect for people who seek authentic Indian food. Shalimar should definitely be on your list of Indian restaurants in Fremont. 

Heba Kibboua is a senior at Washington. She grew up in Fremont, California but her roots are from Algeria and Afghanistan. This is her first year at the Hatchet. Her journalistic interests are mainly world issues, such as the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. She also has a passion for activism and equal rights. Her hobbies consist of baking and skating. An extracurricular activity she is a part of at school is being the president for ASU (Afghan Student Union). Her future plans are going to medical school to become a physician's assistant.

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