Outside of Class Motivation

During class, most teachers create activities, but outside of class most students don’t bother to stay motivated. I believe it’s important to stay motivated outside of class because it helps your body and mind stay alert. Many students have trouble trying to stay active. Some prefer to keep to themselves. Others may have just lost the will to have any sort of motivation. There are still other ways students can stay motivated, though. You can do some stretches or yoga poses indoors to help release tension in the muscles and help yourself relax. You can play board games or card games, or even create your own game to help keep the mind in motion and allow yourself to further your thinking and creative skills. 

Another thing I want to touch on is how parents might feel. The kids who have no motivation at all outside or inside of class probably have parents that worry about how they’re doing. Staying motivated can also help you mentally and it keeps you feeling like you have a purpose to keep active and give more to yourself and others around you. 

Like I said before, there are many many ways to keep yourself active and feeling motivated. One of my favorites is spending time with other people. When it comes to spending time with people, you can do it in any way you want. You don’t have to be around certain people and you don’t have to engage in conversation with certain people, but it is still a good idea to stay interacting with another human being. I just feel that one of the best sources of motivation is not just doing something physically, but verbally being able to allow yourself to speak out to someone. 

Clarity Hergert, a Junior at Washington High School, grew up in San Jose. This is her first year in journalism and so far she is enjoying it. The topics she is most interested in are LGBTQ+ and addressing and seeing how we can help mental and emotional health problems. A few things she enjoys are drawing, art, writing, and music, especially song writing. She is not completely sure on what her future plans are, but her main goal is to impact the world in a positive way.

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