Movies today SUCK!

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Movies have been getting worse over the years. From bad remakes to stale plots, I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a movie and genuinely enjoyed it. Bad production has aided in the downfall of movies, but is that really the main cause of the cinematic demise? Come on an adventure with me as we dive into the world of terrible reboots, bad plots, and horrible storylines.

On the topic of bad movies, the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie came out in October and oh my god, speaking of horrible plots, I think that was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I LOVE fnaf. It’s probably my favorite thing ever, but that movie was just the biggest pile of hot sewage. It really highlighted the state that cinema is in right now and inspired this entire article.  

Movies have gotten way worse and I think the main issue with movies is producers refuse to take risks with plots! As well as horrible marketing but bad plots have made movies feel so generic and reused. Movies today have such high budgets that producers and writers see taking risks in their stories as completely taboo, which is why we see so many reboots and remakes; there’s already an ongoing fanbase for these rebooted movies, which makes them so common, because now you don’t have to make your movie interesting, just slap on a big name of a popular franchise and the viewers will come running: low risk, high reward. Movies that do attempt to be “new” can’t reach that mark and end up feeling boring and bland. This doesn’t only apply to movies. New tv shows have been even WORSE. Everything that comes out now has the same “woke” ideological branding with added “diversity” characters that lack real personality, and it’s getting old FAST. 

Besides the bad production ideas, movies just aren’t entertaining anymore; we’ve reached a point in time where easy entertainment is available at the touch of a button. Streaming services have aided in the downfall of movies, but with help from skyrocketing theater prices the cinematic obituary has already been written. Ticket prices are absolutely insane: almost $15 for an adult and $12 for a child is madness, and god forbid you want to bring multiple children or even multiple people. And do NOT get me started on the snack prices. It’s so much more convenient and easy to pay 10.99 for a monthly subscription and have hundreds of movies available anytime anywhere. All of these hoops you have to jump through to simply see a movie makes the viewing experience insufferable: all you’re thinking about is how much money you just wasted to see this pile of rotting garbage.

With this combination of lazy production quality alongside overpriced movie viewings and cheap streaming services, the movie industry is making a complete joke out of something that used to be magical. 

Danielle Unsworth is a Junior at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont, California. This is her first year in journalism and she's very excited to be included. She enjoys writing about her opinions as well as arts and current events. In her free time she likes to garden and take care of her plants as well as read books and listen to music. Danielle plans on attending UC Berkeley and becoming a lawyer in the future.

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