Kavya Jolly – Poetry

“Make America Great Again”

“Make America Great Again”
they say.
with their empty promises
for a better way.
It begs the question
when was this country great?
who did this country serve?
take a minute, concentrate
on who got the better jobs
the better homes
the better schools
who weren’t afraid of the cops
who weren’t treated like mules
the land of the free
the home of the brave
except for me and you
cause they took our rights away
for eating for breathing
for loving for reaching
for a phone to call help
but no one was there
they’d just sit and stare
as they gave us thoughts and prayers.
we can no longer give power
to the white cis straight man
or things will never change
justice won’t see the light of day
so instead let’s fight to make
america great for all
cause there’s a first time for everything
we just have to answer the call.

“the killer who serves”

i walk all alone
when i start to hear
the sirens of death
as a cop car appears.
waves of paranoia
crash unto my soul
as my mind thinks of
ways this moment could go.
each breath could be my last
each blink won’t stop my tears
as i toss and i turn
as to life comes my fears.
i see him lift his gun
i see him shout at me
to put my hands up
as i beg and i plead
for him to spare me life
because i don’t want to die
i don’t wanna be a hashtag
and i don’t want my family to cry.
my life rests in the hands
of a white racist middle aged man.
who’s given a lethal weapon
that he uses to threaten
anyone deemed a danger
to our society
but we know what that means
to him, i’m just a bag of meat.

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