Jordan Frazier: Art

A red demon lady holding green fire and standing menacingly over a scared man, who lies on the floor, one finger pointing up. In the background is a bookshelf.
A man with horns and red eyes reaching up to grab a golden scythe, against an ombre (orange, pink, purple, blue, indigo) backdrop. The man is circled by white zodiac signs.
A man with a mop of blue hair covering his eyes, a golden septum piercing, and two long black horns opens his mouth, revealing fangs, holding up an ok sign with his left hand. There is a black heart on the left of the man's face.

Jordan Frazier is a sophomore in the MMAA program, who was featured in the yearbook last year for showcasing her art! She likes drawing digitally, playing ROBLOX, and speaking to her friends. Her art journey began in third grade; later, she wanted to further pursue her art by taking her doodles more seriously. This year, she has begun her first commissions and hopes to keep selling her works.

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