Is the stormy mayhem at Washington High School finally over?

Image from Michael Owens / For the Times.

As the storms in California slowly wind down, the effects of the rain were strongly felt by the students at Washington High. From chaotic mornings in the parking lot, to being late to first period, teachers and students have experienced difficult times recently. 

Stacey Dinu, a senior at Washington High, explains how the recent storm caused stress amongst many students, including herself. “I hate going to school when it’s raining,” she says. “The campus gets dirty and flooded in some places, and I don’t like how busy the covered hallways get. Rainy days on campus are really stressful.”  The packed hallways have indeed been making it much more difficult for students to navigate to their next periods. As Stacey mentioned, the campus has also been very dirty due to the dirt being washed up by the rain, and most classrooms have been covered with mud water or just rain water on the floors. Perhaps this past storm raises the question of whether or not Washington has enough resources or the infrastructure to keep students dry and clean during rainy seasons. The crowded hallways have shown that they are not spacious enough to shelter the amount of students at Washington and changes have been asked to be made by numerous students. 

Another student, Pavneet Dhillon, a senior at Washington and our current ASB President, mentions that due to the storm her mental health hasn’t been the best and she has been losing motivation. Coming back to school was already hard enough, but with the storm, it definitely has not been easy on students or teachers. “As if my senioritis hadn’t already been bad enough after we came back from winter break into second semester, the rain put me in a gloomy and lazy mood,” says Pavneet. “I wasn’t able to be as productive as I would’ve liked, I just wanted to snuggle up in my bed.” 

From having no motivation to do assignments or even show up to classes, as senior students approach closer to the finish line of high school, it is easy to become lazy. The storm and rain that has overwhelmed the Bay Area, as Pavneet mentioned, hasn’t seemed to alleviate this sense of laziness; rather, it has heightened the feeling. However, bright and sunny days are near. As the Bay finally pushes past this storm and extremely cold weather, the sun makes a statement and shines over Fremont once again! Hopefully, this sun may be able to rejuvenate not only the seniors but all the students at Washington High School. Especially after this storm, we shouldn’t take the bright sun we are so accustomed to in California for granted, so while you have the chance, go outside and soak up all the rays you can!

Born and raised in the Bay, Rachelle Lee is a first year writer for the Hatchet! Rachelle will cover topics regarding sports, campus life, and other issues that are occurring around not only campus, but the world! Rachelle is a senior at Washington High school and has been attending Washington all 4 years. She is an active member of the WHS Cheerleading Team and is also the Co-President of her club, Future of Our Generation! Rachelle is a proud owner of a mom car and a Dachshund. Undecided on her major, Rachelle hopes to attend a 4-year university after graduating.

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