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What is your opinion on the school’s web restriction? Which restriction do you think is necessary? Which aren’t?


“I think web restrictions should be looser on what they restrict since some of the websites blocked aren’t necessary. I think Instagram shouldn’t be blocked.” – Iman Abdella


“I think we should be allowed to use social media because it allows us to express our feelings and feel exhilarating, hence web restrictions should not be implemented.” – Jackson Hollingshaus


“I think the web restrictions are dumb because students can just access them using data. Therefore, web restrictions are a waste of time and don’t serve their purpose.”  – Alvina Zhan


“Web restrictions make it difficult to work on school projects and access homework help because Reddit and videos on YouTube are blocked. Not just that, these specific platforms at times are the only ones that have the specific subject matter I need help with. Hence, these web restrictions aren’t conducive to learning. Even though the intention of blocking these websites is to prevent students from getting distracted, there are always other websites and video games students can be distracted by so why only these specific ones? Not just that, the use of data can bypass these restrictions but only select students can afford to do so. Hence, web restrictions should be removed.” – Christina Qin


“It is a pain in the butt. We need freedom of speech for educational purposes. Currently, my students have to use a proxy to download instrumentals for our music video projects and web restrictions only makes this more difficult.” – Mr.Thompson

This reporter graduated in 2020.
Lavanya Jain is a senior at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont, CA for most of her life after moving from Delhi, India. As a first year in the WHS Hatchet, she has written multiple articles for opinions, health, and news. In her free time, she loves to paint, workout, and spend time with her family. After high school, she will be majoring in both business and bioengineering as part of the Management Entrepreneurship Technology (MET) program at UC Berkeley.

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