How the Writing Center can help you at school

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Have you ever had trouble with an essay, or an assignment? If you need help, or just a quiet place to write, then maybe the writing center is for you. The writing center is a place where students can receive help outside of their normal classroom. On Wednesdays, the writing center is open in room E230 after school, and on Thursdays, you can find it in room E226. In an interview, Mr. Vandervelden, an English teacher and the director of the writing center, explained how students can utilize the center. “Students can come for more general help, or they can come for more specific stuff, like if they have an essay due tomorrow,” he says. Elaborating further, the center is used for assignments that require students to write. Writing isn’t everyone’s strong suit, so Vandervelden says you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. Maybe you’re running out of ideas, or you just need to rewrite your assignment to make it more engaging or interesting. That’s what the writing center is for.

 But what do teachers think of the writing center? In an interview with Ms. Osicka, an English teacher here at Washington, she reveals how she plans on utilizing the center for an upcoming essay. “I’d recommend that Students come to me during Flex Time,” she says. “I’ll be giving them feedback for their first and final drafts, but I’m fine with them heading to the writing center if they want to try again.” It seems that the writing center’s most useful function is retaking essays for your English class. The writing center can be a powerful tool for improving an essay you got a bad grade on. Of course, that is if your teacher allows you to do so. It might take some convincing, especially if you have a harder English class. Some teachers might not be too keen on students redoing their essays, but don’t let that stop you from trying to fix your grade, even if it might be your fault. However, the writing center isn’t just for make-ups. Often, it is best to go before your essay is due, rather than after you got a bad grade. 

Writing can be hard for everyone, and sometimes, a little help is all you need. The writing center is a safe environment for experienced writers, or the average student. A lot of students tend to procrastinate. While it might not be the best idea to wait until the last minute when you have a big paper to do, this still happens quite a lot. If you need a quick way to fix up your essay right before the due date, you can stop by and get some help. If you think your grade is in trouble, or you just can’t find inspiration, the writing center just might be your saving grace. Writing shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a way to express yourself, and even if you’re writing an essay about a topic you don’t care about, you should be able to inject your own creativity, and give your perspective on the matter. If you need advice, a chance to save your grade, or just a quiet place to write, you should definitely stop by.

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