Go all out, it’s spirit week!

Image from author. Top: Seniors celebrating their last skit.

Spirit week at Washington High School is full of class unity and school spirit, which leads up to the homecoming game and dance. During this week the students of WHS dress up according to their day’s theme. Each class has a different theme each day, except for Friday, which is specifically set for students to wear school merchandise or black and orange clothing. There are rallies every morning to see which class is the most spirited. The students are encouraged to donate canned food to the student center in order to give back to the community by raising donations for shelters. There are also entertaining skits that each class performs based on the theme their class representatives chose. It is encouraged that all students participate in spirit week to earn their class spirit points and potentially be the winning class of the school year. 

Spirit week is an exciting time as there are rallies, different dress up days, a bonfire, and class skits. The dressing up portion truly brings out students’ creativity with their costumes and enables them to express themselves while having fun with their peers, all while increasing school morale. A senior at WHS, Lianna Carpio, happily stated, “I’m really excited to dress up with my friends and take lots of pictures to remember these special memories.” This year’s skits were all based on Disney movies and so the dress up days incorporated specific themes according to when that specific class’s skit was. The first skit to be performed was the junior’s; The junior’s skit was based on The Incredibles, which turned out to be stupendous. The second skit to be performed was a sophomore skit based on Inside Out, and it was definitely a core memory. The freshmen’s skit was based on Ratatouille and they did not leave any crumbs. Finally the senior’s skit was based on Cars, and their participation and execution was phenomenal. 

From Monday to Thursday, the freshmen’s dress up days were pajama, Barbie, restaurant, and twin themed. The sophomore’s dress up days were cartoon, Inside Out, pirate, and business themed. The junior’s dress up days were superhero, old fart, tacky tourist, and jazzercise themed. Finally, the senior’s last dress up days were army, hippie, nerd, and Cars themed. The students who are a part of ASB deserve a great amount of acknowledgement for being able to wake up incredibly early and go through long school days in order to decorate and set up the school for fun activities. The majority of the students at WHS put lots of effort into dressing up and joining the rallies, which brought such great spirit to the school. The effort the students put into participating undoubtedly showed. 

Spirit week goes by very quickly, but it creates many fond memories for the students at WHS. Students are able to have fun with their friends by coordinating outfits, hanging out during the rallies and at the bonfire, and taking amazing pictures to make the moment last longer. A junior at WHS, Sienna Gomez, recalls “Gym night has always been one of my favorite memories. I genuinely feel content there, as it’s simply a bunch of students from Class of 2025 hanging out at school when it gets dark.” This year’s spirit week definitely ended up being such a success with all the great decoration, participation, and memories!

Isabella Shimizu is a junior at Washington High School. She was born and raised in Fremont, California. This is her first year with The Hatchet. She hopes to cover stories about the arts and important events in the Washington community. Isabella enjoys playing badminton and tennis for the school. In her free time she loves to bake, read, play with her shih tzu poodle, and listen to Wave to Earth. In the future she hopes to attend a UC and pursue a major in the STEM field.

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