Flu season might be especially severe this year: Here’s why

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It’s that time of the year again: the Christmas songs combined with decorative lights set the mood for the endless sounds of sniffling and coughing of the flu season. Although Covid is still the main concern for most people, especially with the new Covid variant, Omicron, flu season is around the corner and coming up fast. Cases are spreading more quickly than ever, with 5.11 million cases in California so far this year.

The seasonal sniffles may be significantly worse this year, according to experts. They explain how the flu season could worsen Covid by making the infected sicker or forming a new variant. Since last year, public health officials have also been concerned that everyone was still in quarantine, so the experts have had no data to work off of. Without data and schools being in person, many have been affected by sickness and have a lot to say about it.

“100%,” Sophomore Kayden Davis says after being asked if their cold was worse this year compared to other years. “I got an ear infection. I was extremely congested and had a fever,” they elaborate. Kayden got a cold and was out of school for three days. They felt like they missed a lot after returning to school since three days is a lot of class time to cut. The increased symptoms have affected students’ health and caused them to fall behind.

In conclusion, the flu season seems to be worse this year. With the current situation of the pandemic, the symptoms seem to be more severe. Experts recommend getting the flu vaccine as soon as possible, available for our age group. So, this season, make sure to dress up warm and stay safe.

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