Dominic Fike’s Sunburn

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Singer songwriter Dominic Fike’s new album, Sunburn, was released on July 7. Interesting name, right? Fike grew up in sunny Naples, Florida, which inspires many of his songs, including the ones on this album. Sunburn is a masterpiece: each of its 14 songs adds on to the uniqueness of his work. Dominic Fike had actually been writing this album for years. He finally completed his unfinished songs and put them on his new album, so his “new” album isn’t new at all. Each song has a very different sound, with lyrics that are relatable and real. Suzzy Caladran, a senior here at Washington and a hardcore music lover, says, “I feel like he was very honest in his song writing in this album and gave a lot of personal insight and was a little relatable in a way.” It had been some time since Suzzy last listened to Dominic Fike. “It was weird listening to his new music right away but immediately grew on me,” she says.

One of the most popular songs off his album is “Mama’s boy.” A senior and nominee for homecoming court here at Washington, Armando Canales, says, “I really like that song. It has a deep meaning to me…it really brings out a lot of emotion.” Fikes’ lyrics, rhythm, and sound of his music make people feel emotional. A lot of people might be able to relate to his lyrics. Sunburn is about love and his past. The trauma he has dealt with in his life is shown and heard through his music. What makes his music so special and refreshing is his honesty. 

Fike’s album also garnered a lot of attention from other artists, including Drake and Kelani. They both shouted out his new album or their favorite song on their Instagram stories. It seems like everyone was obsessed with Sunburn. On the album, Dominic Fike also did a collaboration with Weezer, which was unexpected because of the difference between their genres. However, for his hardcore fans it wasn’t as much of a shock, because Fike has been open about the artists he looks up to, including Weezer.

My personal favorite songs on the album are “How much is weed?” “Sunburn,” and “Dark.” These songs show his depth as an artist and a person. Sunburn, for example, is a mix of rapping and singing. Dominic Fike first started his career rapping, so to me it shows his growth and how he incorporated what started his career from the beginning into his current music. In these three songs in particular he was very honest. They are emotional and the rhythm and beat of the songs are so intense. I highly recommend blasting this album with your airpods in, for the full experience. One of the songs, Frisky, was an unreleased song that his fans streamed on Youtube that was never finished, but it is now on the album and a completed song. It’s another favorite of mine. My favorite thing about his album as a whole is that you can find a song for every mood you are in. This album was amazing and unique. Even though it took years to complete, it definitely came together in the end.

Sonya Garcia is a current senior at Washington High School. She was born in Walnut Creek and raised in Fremont. This is Sonya’s first year on the paper. She is interested in writing about sports and events that take place at Washington High School or our Community. Her hobbies include waitressing at her job, doing make-up and shopping. She hopes to go out for Track and Field Throwing again this year. After high school, Sonya wants to continue waitressing while she studies business in community college. She hopes to one day open a small business of her own.

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