Chloe Dang’s balance of performance and leadership means victory

Image provided by Chloe Dang.

What are the features of a successful athlete? Athleticism is just one of the factors: leadership and even something as simple as a good attitude can go a long way in helping one’s team. Washington’s Athlete of the Month, Chloe Dang, has led the Girls Varsity Basketball team to victory by epitomizing these qualities through her work as captain and through her impressive performance on the court. 

Chloe has had a long history in basketball, going all the way back to first grade when she played against the boys on the playground. She’s gone far since then, honing her skills in club basketball and joining Washington’s Varsity Girls team as a freshman. Chloe’s participation in other sports has also helped improve her performance in basketball. “Tennis has a lot of lateral movements, helping me stay quick on my feet while playing defense in a basketball game,” she says. “Track and field keeps up my conditioning for basketball.” Chloe intends to continue in her athletic pursuits in college: “I definitely plan to stay active in college by joining intramurals, clubs, or creating a workout group.”

Due to her long history in the sport, Chloe has been able to perform exceptionally throughout her high school basketball career. Despite this success, Chloe has been noted by Coach Michael Senadenos for her selflessness. “Chloe always puts the team first,” he says. “Even after scoring 17 points in the first half of a game, she wants everyone to get their chance in the second half, even if it means she doesn’t score.” Chloe’s performance has been consistent throughout the season, demonstrated by her 10 assists against Newark Memorial and her 17 points against Kennedy.

Chloe also helps her teammates by supporting them off the court. Pavi Dhillon, one of Chloe’s teammates, says, “Chloe has exceptional leadership skills and she is the glue to our team. She will always put a smile on your face when you are not feeling it and she will always check up on you.” This emphasis on supporting players is especially important in an environment such as the Bay Area, where students are extremely competitive and there can often be strains on mental health.

For Chloe, the goal is not just to be a successful athlete, but also to give others the opportunity to become successful. In the end, the number of points scored against Kennedy won’t matter, but supporting athletes that will play for years to come will. This style of leadership is what separates Chloe from others at Washington, and makes her the Athlete of the Month.

Trinidad Hellman is a junior at Washington High School who was born in Fremont, California. This is his first year as a reporter for the Hatchet. He is interested in both domestic and international political issues as well as the economy. Trinidad is a varsity runner for Washington’s cross country and track team, president of Washington’s Martial Arts Club, head of outreach for the robotics non-profit “We Love Pi”, and the outreach officer for Washington’s Student’s for Change club. His hobbies include flying drones and building computers. Trinidad hopes to major in international relations and subsequently go to law school.

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