Artist Spotlight: Alicia Cordova

Art is the expression of our thoughts and emotions, but it is even more personal than that: it’s about sharing the way we experience and view the world. For many it’s an extension of their own personality and how they want to display themselves to others. It is the connection of intimate concepts that can’t be expressed by words alone. 

Alicia has been absorbed in art for as long as she can remember. One of her first encounters with art was in the third grade when she entered a t-shirt contest. She didn’t win, but after the contest one of the teachers approached her and said, “You need to keep doing this.” She has been drawing cartoons and painting ever since. 

Alicia’s favorite form of art is painting. She said, “I really like painting more because it allows you to do more with your pieces, blend paints, show contrasts, and just really brings everything to life.” Alicia really draws her inspiration from her day-to-day life and tries to reflect her emotions in her work. “Yeah, for me it all just depends on the mood and what’s really going on,” she said.  “Art is crazy, you can make someone feel happy to sad just by the color scheme and shading.” She really likes using higher or brighter color tones “because it brings out a lighter aspect to a majority of [her] pieces.” I asked Alicia if art was going to influence her future in any way. She responded, “Lately I’ve been at war with myself, I do like psychology but lately I’ve been looking into digital imaging and animation.” She is not trying to strive for anything in particular in graphic design she replied, “I want to focus mainly on developing my skills in graphic design, but I do want to get into movies.” Alicia commented on how her art and style has changed and progressed over time, she said that before she was looking images online and copying images for sketches, but “now it’s coming from me, my own mind, its original.” Lately, Alicia has been enjoying sketching and specifically drawing nature. She says, “Just the simplicity of nature can change our way of thinking and how we view the world.” 

Alicia also has some advice for people who are new to art or those who are scared of what others will think of their work. “Don’t be afraid, and never be sorry for anything you do. Opinions are just that. You don’t have to listen to them.” Alicia dedicates her artworks to her dad because he is always pushing her to do more.

Alicia decorated this sun with a variety of eye-popping floral patterns and cloth designs to give it its own distinct personality.

This reporter graduated in 2020.
Irfan Khasru is a senior at Washington High School. Born and raised in Fremont, this is his first year writing as a reporter for the Hatchet. He is particularly interested on writing about the entertainment industry and the local food scene. You will usually find him online playing video games, at home trying to sneak a nap in, or expertly crafting smoothies at Jamba Juice.

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