What does it take to go to theaters?

Image from author. Top: What’s better than watching a movie from the comfort of your own home?

With ticket prices rising due to inflation, it’s become increasingly difficult for the average movie-goer to be able to afford frequent trips to the theater. However, cost is not the only reason people aren’t going out to theaters as much as before. There were several blockbuster movies this past summer that weren’t necessarily bad, but still went unnoticed, such as The Flash, Indiana Jones, and Elemental. Advertisements and marketing strategies are big factors that affect the decision of whether someone wants to watch a movie in the theater or not. When a studio fails to generate interest in a new release, many choose to stay home or engage in other activities. And finally, with many movies being released on streaming platforms, people choose to watch them from the comfort of their couch. 

Dr. Lisa-Marie Burns, the marketing teacher and department chair of Career Technical Education (CTE), claims that she would “choose to watch a movie at home [or]even buy it and store it in [her] library” because “that is still cheaper than buying multiple tickets just once.” This is a major reason why many people decide to create home theaters and enjoy movies with an unlimited amount of people. Dr. Burns also adds that she has her “own fridge of food and [drinks]” where she can eat snacks of her choice rather than buy more expensive food at, say, a concession stand. Not only are movie tickets getting more expensive, but the snacks and concessions are, too. According to movietheaterprices.com, the price of popcorn at AMC Theaters is between $6-$10 depending on size. Meanwhile, 44 bags of Kirkland Microwave Popcorn can be bought for $17. Soft drinks at AMC, including water, range from $4-$7, while these drinks can be purchased or made for a cheaper price outside of the theater. Essentially, it’s easier to find better deals for concessions outside of theaters where food is marked up to make profit.  Saeesha Gudipati, a junior at Washington High School, also thinks that theaters are too expensive. She says, “I think ticket prices have gotten way too expensive and it is somewhat unreasonable,” aligning her views with Dr. Burns. She also adds that how a film is marketed, such as through billboards and social media, would prompt her to want to see what a movie is about. Gudipati says that she saw many advertisements for the Barbie movie and the Spiderman: Across the Spider Verse, two movies that were incredibly popular over the summer in the US and internationally too. Barbie has made over 1.4 billion dollars so far, and  Spiderman: Across the Spider Verse earned close to 690 million dollars. Burns said that out of her few favorite movies (The Notebook, Pay It Forward, and Freedom Writers), she had only seen an ad for one: The Notebook. The Notebook was a popular hit, and iIt’s likely due to its marketing strategy and the circulation of unforgettable commentary by viewers, along with the popularity of the actors who starred in it.

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