What do WHS students want for Christmas this year?

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As the holiday season approaches, many of us look forward to the joy of gift-giving. There is something extraordinary about choosing the perfect present for a loved one and watching their face light up when they unwrap it. Not only does gift-giving allow us to show our affection and appreciation for others, but it also helps foster a sense of community and connection.

The first semester already comes to a close with the holiday break right around the corner. If you have made it this far, that in itself is an outstanding accomplishment: make sure to congratulate yourself! As mentioned, with Christmas only a blink away, let’s see what a few of our Washington High students would like this year for Christmas!

Xavier Mora is a junior at Washington High School and an active member of the varsity Huskies football team. Xavier has a significant interest in football and enjoys playing when he gets the chance. He also enjoys playing video games and watching the 49ers play during his free time. His other hobbies are cooking, spending time with his pets, making videos, and texting his girlfriend. He’s excited that it’s finally the cold season and because Christmas is his favorite part of the year. Mora says that Christmas is his favorite holiday because it brings him joy, and he loves spending time with his family and friends. For Christmas this year, one of the main things he would like to get is a gold necklace. But he doesn’t just want any necklace, he would like to receive a necklace that has his girlfriend’s initials on it. Xavier thought it would be nice to have something special that means a lot to him. He would like to wear something that represents his girlfriend that he truly loves and cares about. “I don’t want much for Christmas. But if I had to pick, it would just be a necklace and just want to have a good Christmas with my family,” he says.

Angie Mutu is a senior at Washington High School, and a hard working student. Her main focus right now is to graduate and be accepted to her dream college. In her free time, her favorite thing to do is read romance novels. Her other hobbies include walking her dog, watching shows, shopping online and FaceTiming friends. Angie mentioned that she would like to get another dog for Christmas this year. Mutu really loves Goldendoodles and would really enjoy having one of her own. She believes it would be nice to have a new member of the family. She would like her current dog to have a roommate and have company throughout the day. The main reason why she would like a dog is for emotional support. Besides her being a dog lover, she believes that it could help her feel less stressed and anxious. Another dog could give her the extra support that she needs to make things easier for her. “All I would like is another dog to make me feel better and not all stressed out,” she said. Mutu is not asking for a lot, all she would like to receive is something that could help her, and for her dog to have a friend. 

Jeffery Antony, a Washington High School Senior, loves music and wants beat-making equipment for Christmas. For him, music is a magical way of bringing joy to others.

As a young boy, Jeffery was exposed to various genres of music, which sparked his love for the art form. He would often spend hours listening to his favorite artists, trying to understand the complex melodies and rhythms they created. 

Today, Jeffery sees the power music has to make others happy and shape culture as a whole. As he concludes his college application writing process, he notices himself having more time to do what he loves. He spends countless hours practicing and perfecting his skills, knowing that high-quality beat-making equipment will take his abilities to the next level.

Similarly, Shrey Katyal, another Washington senior, wants new equipment to upgrade his talent. 

He has been wanting a new tennis racket for a while now. Tennis is not just a sport for Shrey; it’s his way of spending quality time with his second family, the Washington High School Varsity tennis team. As an integral part of the team’s culture, he strives for athletic excellence while cherishing the friendships he has made through the sport.

Shrey’s current tennis racket is starting to show its age and isn’t providing the same level of performance it used to. He believes a new racket will improve his game and give him a psychological boost on the court.

Shrey is determined to use his new tennis racket to help lead the Washington High School tennis team to victory in the upcoming season. Furthermore, to leave his mark on WHS, he plans to train the rising underclassmen in junior varsity. As a coach and a leader, he hopes to have the same impact his senior role models had on him four years prior.

Unfortunately, before our holiday fun can begin, the dreaded week of finals consumes the minds of many students and it may be a difficult and stressful time. Sheri Tran, a senior at WHS, former CO-President of the club Future of Our Generation, small business owner, and active member of leadership, is a hard-working student that has showcased her greatest efforts in all her tasks in high school. And as she approaches finals week, she prepares to do the same this year, in her final year of high school. For Christmas this year, Sheri wishes to pass all her finals and end off the semester with good grades. On a more personal note, she also wishes to have a fun time with her family in Hong Kong as she reunites with them this year during Christmas Break.

Similar to Sheri, Jasmine Martinez, the current senior yearbook editor in chief and former member of the WHS Varsity cheerleading team, shares her wants this year for Christmas. Her first year without her beloved grandparents, her family will be together this year for a big celebration in remembrance of them. Additionally, with Christmas coming up, it also means the mistletoe will be all around. Jasmine also wishes to have someone to be with her under the mistletoe this year to be her companion during the holiday season.

Last but not least, Venya Sharda, a junior at WHS and an afterschool tutor for math and creative writer/journalist says she wishes for new Uggs this Christmas. This season, Uggs have made a tremendous comeback in the fashion trends and have been selling out insanely quickly. Especially due to the recent freezing temperatures in California, Uggs are the perfect shoes to wear if you would like to be comfortable but still stylish. As mentioned, Venya is a junior, currently going through one of the hardest years in high school. Along with Uggs, Venya also wishes to get an A+ on her AP Calculus final and hopefully have an easier second semester. 

Zahi Imaduddin is a senior at Washington High School. He was born and raised in Fremont, California, and this is his first year at the paper. He hopes to discuss the intersections of technology and psychology and how technology shapes culture. His hobbies include coding, cooking, creating 3D art, and working out. He hopes to study computer science in college and eventually start a company. With a strong interest in the ocean, he hopes to one day sell all his belongings and live on a boat.

Born and raised in the Bay, Rachelle Lee is a first year writer for the Hatchet! Rachelle will cover topics regarding sports, campus life, and other issues that are occurring around not only campus, but the world! Rachelle is a senior at Washington High school and has been attending Washington all 4 years. She is an active member of the WHS Cheerleading Team and is also the Co-President of her club, Future of Our Generation! Rachelle is a proud owner of a mom car and a Dachshund. Undecided on her major, Rachelle hopes to attend a 4-year university after graduating.

Julianna Munoz is a senior at Washington High School. She grew up in Fremont and this is her first year at the paper. Her interests include art, especially painting and drawing. She also loves to shop online, to bake and to write, as well as spending time with her eight animals. After she graduates Julianna will go to college and study art, though she is also interested in acting.

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