The stories we know and create make us who we are

Our existence revolves around the fictional stories that hold a special place in our hearts. They develop our perception of reality and fuel our creativity. We come into this world not knowing anything, but the stories from the people in our lives continue to impact us as we become older.

Growing up, we were told stories that influenced our beliefs. An example would be Santa Claus giving presents to children who were nice and coal to those who were naughty. We would be upset at the thought of not receiving a present we wished for, so we would behave as if we continued to believe in him. Another story involves a fairy who takes teeth that have fallen out from under our pillow and replaces them with money. The thought of getting an award makes the process of losing our baby teeth less frightening, so adults make you believe in fairies until you’re no longer afraid. Stories become a reassurance in our youth to make sure we’re doing what is right while we find our way through this world. 

As we age, we are exposed to different types of storytelling that we connect with on a deeper level. They are in the books we read, the music we listen to, and the films we watch. When I read a book, I usually drown out the sound of my surroundings, and I concentrate on what’s happening on the page in front of me. When I think too much, I put on my earphones and I listen to music until I feel calm. When I need something to make me feel less alone, I watch a film with a storyline that deals with an issue similar to mine. We connect with a message, a theme, or a character, and it gives us hope that while the story in front of us progresses, so can we.

While we consume stories, we also create them to explore our interests. Writing has been a very important part of my life since I was young. I can transform my feelings into something that helps me release the stress I am dealing with. A friend told me once that she is not able to sleep unless she has a story in her mind. There are people out there who use their creativity to find peace within themselves. By doing that, they show other people that through creativity, it is possible to find the good in bad situations. Making up our own stories provides us an escape from our everyday lives, which are usually controlled by someone else , and the ability to do what we please. It sparks our creativity and makes us realize that there is power within our imagination. 

This staff reporter graduated in 2020. Cassandra De Guzman is a senior at Washington High School. She was born in the Philippines, but moved to Fremont when she was five. This is De Guzman’s first year writing for The Hatchet, and she is interested in writing about her opinions and covering news. She enjoys reading and writing poetry during her free time. She hopes to major in English Literature and become a teacher who owns a bookstore one day.

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