The problem with fashion trends

Fashion trends - baggy clothes
Two images of similar fashion trends (Images found on Pinterest, creators unknown)

Fashion trends come and go, and it’s funny to see how some previous trends from the 90s or early 2000s resurface, such as dyed bangs, thrifting, and wearing baggy clothing, and how something from less than a year ago becomes “old.” With different clothing rising or falling in popularity, I can’t help but remember my own experiences with fashion. The obsession with looking good, I’m starting to see that negative aspect in today’s media. Young adults are getting obsessed with buying unnecessary amounts of clothes just to fit in and the pressure to look good is causing insecurities for others. 

My parents couldn’t care less about fashion and didn’t buy many clothes in order to save money. I used to think the same way as my parents, I couldn’t care less either until I started using my phone more in highschool and Tik Tok grew in popularity. As I mindlessly scrolled (a separate problem on its own), people would post their outfit of the day, outfit advice, and get thousands of likes for their fashion choices. I would see some of my classmates mimicking this sort of style or attitude and even started caring about my appearance more. Some would even post about previous clothing choices they hated and look down on other people for what they were wearing. However, I feel as though that last part is pretty unfair. Mocking a person’s choice in clothing is pointless and insensitive. They may not be able to afford anything else, not have any interest in fashion, or just have a different style. All of these reasons are valid and just because they don’t look like a model outside doesn’t mean they aren’t likeable or don’t have style. Instead, this just creates insecurities for people who don’t dress with the trends and at most, all it’s going to do is force people to buy clothes they may not even like. It hurts people and wastes money. 

My wardrobe in elementary consisted of cheap Adidas pants, baggy jeans, tight and thin jackets, and shirts with faded cartoon pictures or words on them. At first I would think this was fine, but then I would see my female classmates wearing black tights and bright shirts. Sometimes kids would ask me if I was wearing the same thing over and over again because I didn’t have many different clothes to wear. People would say I didn’t dress like a “girly girl” and I wasn’t sure if I should perceive that as a good or bad thing. I looked a bit different from everyone else and felt insecure about what I wore and begged my mom to buy cute clothes which were pricier than my original clothes. Eventually as the years went by, I grew to not care about my clothing as much and stuck with my old clothing. 

Now, there are popular online influencers stating what looks good and others following suit. Sometimes I feel unsettled by the fact that my old clothes which used to be considered unstylish and cheap are now trendy and desirable. It feels like I’ve been looked down on for wearing those clothes while others get praised for wearing something “unique.” The skinny black tights and mainstream clothing I wished I had when I was younger are now considered as tasteless and basic. Trends are always changing, and having your clothes constantly mocked because they’re not up to date is not fair. Trends are just dictated by pretty or popular online influencers and it’s wrong to judge someone for not following the crowd. I remember how it felt to be ridiculed for wearing something different, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else. It’s alright if you like the main trends and it’s alright if you don’t.

Sandra Than is currently a senior at Washington High School. She was born in San Francisco but has lived in Fremont for most of her life. This is her first time writing for the paper, but she’s very excited to be a part of it. Arts and gaming is what she’s most interested in covering. As expected, Sandra herself indulges in painting and digital art both in school and outside. Through journalism, Sandra hopes to improve her writing skills and get to know more about relevant and important news.

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