The iPhone 11: Is it worth it?

Apple recently released three new phones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The new phones have both good and bad qualities. The new cameras look beautiful and produce great quality photos. Combined with a new IOS 13, using the phone is lightning fast. All of this is paired with a long battery life that allows for more productivity. On the other hand, the phones look no different from the previous years phone and lack major upgrades.

The iPhone 11 is the successor of the iPhone XR. Under the hood of it comes with Apple’s new A13 bionic chip which offers a 20% speed boost compared to last years A12 bionic chip. Compared to the XR, the 11 gives consumers 1 hour extra battery life. All of this combined with a large 6.1 in display and multiple new colors is for less than the price of 2018’s iPhone XR. 

The most impressive feature of the phone is the camera. The new camera is able to do 4K video recording up to 60fps (frames-per-second). It has dual 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide with Night mode. The camera blew me away. Each picture I took both with light and without came out to be stunning. When comparing the picture quality of the new phone to the old, each specale on the face is visible with full clarity on the new phone. To add on, the two sensor included in the rare of the phone allowed me to take wide-angle pictures alongside with normal images. The night mode is able to bring clarity and brightness to images taken in full darkness. Another feature that the past iPhone also had was front and rear facing portrait mode. Comparing the old iPhone to the new one, the portrait mode has improved but I was not able to see major changes. 

As per specs go, the cameras look stunning, but I believe Apple’s new IOS 13 also adds a new edge to the phone. It still has the same Apple interface that we have been seeing for many years but the little differences in the new IOS are what make big impacts. The new High-key light mono adds to the camera quality by transforming any portrait shot into a studio-style portrait. Another new feature is Dark Mode. The Dark Mode claims to give a “dramatic new look to the iPhone” and makes the light of the display easier on the user’s eyes. Using the iPhone 11 and tweaking between the light and dark mode, I really love the dark mode. It is indeed easier on the eyes, but I keep it on because it overall makes my phone look cooler. 

Apple’s claim of an increase in battery life is indeed true. In the past when I had the iPhone 7, it used to not even last half a day, but switching to the iPhone 11, I get a full day of battery even after doing charge-deriving tasks like surfing Instagram and Snapchat and calling and texting. 

To sum it all up, the new iPhone 11’s line up visually looks the same compared to last year’s, but the internals are what make this new phone so appealing to the consumer market. Overall, the iPhone 11 is a phone worth buying.

This reporter graduated in 2020.
Irfan Khasru is a senior at Washington High School. Born and raised in Fremont, this is his first year writing as a reporter for the Hatchet. He is particularly interested on writing about the entertainment industry and the local food scene. You will usually find him online playing video games, at home trying to sneak a nap in, or expertly crafting smoothies at Jamba Juice.

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