The dynamics of ceramics at WHS

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Stress is something many students feel on a day to day basis, especially in a school environment where we are always working. Oftentimes students find it hard to cope with the large amount of stress they are holding within themselves. Contrastingly there are also positive and creative ways to channel one’s stress. Through inventive thinking, problem solving, or even artistically, there are many ways an individual can relieve the pressures of their daily lives. 

Specifically, at Washington High School one class individuals can take that allows them to use their creative and intellectual minds is ceramics. Ceramics is an all inclusive hands-on class that has been at Washington for over twenty five years. Students are able to create anything that they can possibly imagine through the medium of clay. This provides students with not only the opportunity to focus on something that is not completely academic, but also a place where they can express themselves in an original way.  

Furthermore, in an interview with Mr. Rodenkirk, the ceramics teacher at Washington High school explains how he runs his class as a college class.This is quite beneficial due to the openness of his class. Mr. Rodenkirk goes on to to explain how he tries his best to “not have rules about where you sit, who you sit with” and additionally he does his best to keep his projects as “open ended as possible.” Consequently this allows students to feel free while still being able to produce their own ceramic pieces.

Ceramic 2 students Jenna Singleton and Kylie Anderson explain how ceramics has positively impacted their schooling career. “Ceramics is just a place where I can be myself,” Jenna says. She describes how taking ceramics for the past two years has provided her with an environment in which she is able to create astounding and exciting pieces of art, while still continuing to display her humorous nature. Jenna goes on to explain how ceramics also has given her a class which she didn’t have to stress very much about. This is due to the main concept of the class which was to only express your creative self. Kylie Andersen adds, “since everyone is different, there is nothing in the class that is really set to stone. It is usually very chill, on the things you want to make, with only a couple minor requirements.” 

Furthermore, both seniors at Washington High School note the strong bonds and friendships they are able to create in the class. They explain how in ceramics they are able to talk to and interact with their peers which creates a bright, inclusive, and passionate environment. Jenna and Kylie describe how when you put communication, creativity, and individuals in a calm environment, the following fifty two minutes can transform into a tension free zone where you can be yourself. 

Ultimately, students must learn the importance of prioritizing a time that is dedicated to themselves. In the end, by allowing students to have activities in which they can channel their  stress into productive ways, it will always allow students to be the very best version that they can be.

Nishitha Boosi, who is a senior at Washington High School, has lived in Fremont, California for the entirety of her life. She has grown up mostly in the small, but well known town of Niles. This is her first year writing for The Hatchet—Washington High School’s very own newspaper. She enjoys writing about current events, and art. Some of her hobbies include running, spending time with friends, and scrolling through social media. In the future, Nishitha plans on going to university. She is very excited for this school year to continue and prosper!

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