Play the game you love, love the game you play

Amber Ngo has been part of the Husky Lacrosse team for two years. During this time, she has given it her all and has been outstanding in representing Washington High School. Although she has only been playing for a short time, she has shown dedication to the team and has helped by scoring many goals throughout the season. She has gone from having scored only one goal last year to over five goals this year within only five games. Amber is a very competitive and reliable athlete and has earned respect and trust from her teammates because of the way she makes commands on the field and encourages her teammates to do the best they can. Amber started playing Lacrosse to spend time with friends, but that doesn’t mean her mentality isn’t serious. Every time the game isn’t going the way they want it to go, Amber rallies her teammates, because it doesn’t matter if they win the game. “What matters is the effort and passion we put into the sport that will show on the field,” she says. “What we put in the sport is what we get out of it.”

In the future, Amber wants to play Lacrosse at a college level. She is a student athlete who excels on the field and in the classroom. It can be very hard to keep your mind focused, but Amber manages her time wisely: “Balancing a lifestyle of school, sports, and having a job can be really difficult but that’s when you need to start prioritizing. I had to cut down my work hours to only once a week and limit socializing. I have practice 5 times a week and sometimes even 6 times a week. So, it can be challenging which is why I  try to get as much work done during school time as possible. It’s all about sacrifice!”

Amber definitely won’t lose the love or passion she has for the sport once she reaches college. She says “If I had a chance, I would’ve wanted to start this sport when I was younger and take it seriously enough to have a future with it but the unfortunate truth is that I don’t. I will always love this sport though!”

Due to Covid-19 and the shutdown of the school year, the Lacrosse season for Amber and many other seniors has ended. “I feel disappointed that our senior year ended so abruptly,” she says. “This was a big milestone and it feels like it was taken from us but at the end of the day, it’s the best unfortunately.” Amber says, “I’ve been looking forward to a senior night ever since I started playing sports. Our season was short lived and we won’t be able to have a senior night nor finish the season. I do have to say it is a little heart breaking. It was unexpected and disappointing, especially for us seniors.”

This reporter has graduated.
Patricio Torres is a senior at Washington High School. Patricio is a second year staff reporter for the Hatchet. Patricio's interests are mainly on Sports and Health since he is an athlete here at Washington. He was born in Pomona, CA and moved to Fremont at 4 years old. His interests in writing are mostly for Sports and Health, although he enjoys writing for News once in a while. After high school, he will be attending Ohlone College then transferring to San Jose State to achieve a Major in Electrical Engineering.

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