Performance enhancers: The costs and benefits of creatine and tren

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Athletes and bodybuilders utilize the supplements creatine and tren to improve their performance and muscle development. A naturally occurring substance in the body called creatine gives muscles energy during intense activity. In order to gain muscle growth, strength, and power, it is frequently utilized as a dietary supplement. Trenbolone, sometimes known as Tren, is a synthetic anabolic steroid that is popular for its capacity to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance, while decreasing body fat.  Although both supplements offer advantages, they both have drawbacks and should be taken with caution.

The nutritional supplement creatine has been well-researched for its advantages in enhancing sports performance and encouraging muscle building. Increased ATP availability, which is the energy source for muscular contractions, causes creatine to boost muscle strength and power. This results in increased power and strength, enabling athletes to lift heavier weights. 

I interviewed Jhatin Mahi, a senior and a multi-sport athlete playing lacrosse and wrestling on his daily gym routine and the supplements he takes. He said he started taking creatine two months ago. “It didn’t affect my health at all,” he said. “It actually helped because when you take creatine you have to drink a lot of water. I actually consumed more water, keeping my body hydrated.” He added that “I’ve seen a good amount of improvement: some examples would be looking [bigger], getting a little more defined, and going higher on weight for exercises.” On the subject of taking tren, he says, “I have actually thought about taking tren but when I’m much older. I want to see how my body would look naturally and how strong I can get. But seeing all these influencers taking it looking like gods and lifting so heavy, I just want to try it.” 

I also interviewed Jacob Vargas, a senior who does weightlifting, asking the same questions. He has been taking creatine for about 6 months. He also hasn’t had any side effects because of creatine. He has seen a lot of improvements in his body, and it boosted his strength and helped him start lifting heavier. On the other hand he stated that “ Tren is a very dangerous subject and I won’t take it in the foreseeable future, I want to keep my body at its healthiest.”

Trenbolone, sometimes referred to as Tren, is a synthetic anabolic steroid that bodybuilders and sportsmen frequently use to gain strength and muscle growth. Like any other steroid, tren results in an increase in total muscle mass, and may help athletes perform better and push themselves harder during exercises by improving their strength and endurance. Tren also can aid in fat reduction, resulting in a more toned and lean physique. Tren helps athletes exercise more frequently and more efficiently by reducing the amount of time they need to recuperate between workouts.

However, the side effects can be severe. Tren causes cardiovascular problems, raising the chances of heart attacks, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Tren can also cause hair loss, insomnia, mood changes, acne, and testicular atrophy. One of the more dangerous and harmful side effects is liver toxicity, which raises the chance of damaging the organs. For this reason, tren, along with other anabolic steroids needs to be prescribed by a doctor, and is illegal to take in any athletic competition.

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