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The audience filled every seat in the newly renovated Performing Arts Center, here at our very own school Washington High School. As  the actors of “Noises Off” brought their roles to life, the audience’s eyes grew wider and wider, and the laughter was overflowing. 

Over the past couple months, Washington High School’s Performing Arts Club has brought their enormous talent together in order to present their play, “Noises Off”, a comedy in which the characters wind themselves into trouble and chaos and ultimately create laughable scenes for the audience. Specifically, this play is a “behind the scenes look at a chaotic stage production populated with frenetic and unstable characters,” based on a theatrical farce by playwright, Michael Frayn, which was first published in 1982.

Meri Dolbakyan, a senior officer of the WHS Performing Arts club, and a star in the play (she plays Dotty Otley), says that everyone’s main goal in the play was to “just make people laugh.” She goes on to explain how the play was meant to make no sense at all to the audience.  Furthermore, Meri says the tight bond between the actors was able to have a more enjoyable effect on the audience. 

As the play had passed through its two week length of showtimes, many individuals throughout the  school wide community have described this humorous play as quite impressive, as the  acting was top-notch, with each and every member of the cast  being able to deliver both a captivating and also a convincing performance. And as a viewer of the play myself I would completely agree. As the scenes progressed, my mind was able to travel with the actors as they conveyed their lines and moved the play along. I was able to be in complete confusion during one second, and the next second in complete laughter. The frenzied influence throughout the play really allowed me to relate to the characters and made the environment more easy to relax, laugh, and most importantly enjoy the play!

Furthermore, audience members were able to watch in awe as the set transformed by flipping 180 degrees within seconds. The backstage crew was able to move the entire set from the original setting,(the inside of a house) to the back stage, behind the scenes, version that normally only actors would be able to see. 

According to one student, “The set design was incredibly impressive. It transported the audience to the world of the play.” While another said, “certain characters’ specific roles made no sense, which made it even funnier.”

As the crew was able to pay close attention to detail, it provided a tight and effective version that kept the pace of the show just right and ensured that the audience was able to stay engaged from start to finish. Both the characters and the set combined was what allowed this play to be such a hit.

Overall, Washington High School’s play, “Noises Off” was a truly enjoyable and well-executed production. From the unique storyline to the smooth and swift set changes, this play had a large positive impact on its audience. Both actors and the set crew were able to work together and deliver the best experience possible for the audience, at Washington High School’s most recent play, Noises Off!

Nishitha Boosi, who is a senior at Washington High School, has lived in Fremont, California for the entirety of her life. She has grown up mostly in the small, but well known town of Niles. This is her first year writing for The Hatchet—Washington High School’s very own newspaper. She enjoys writing about current events, and art. Some of her hobbies include running, spending time with friends, and scrolling through social media. In the future, Nishitha plans on going to university. She is very excited for this school year to continue and prosper!

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