New Year, New Staff: Raquel Tripp

Raquel Tripp just entered Washington High as an Art 1 and Digital Imaging teacher. She went to San Jose State University, primarily because they had a teaching college at their school, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. This is her fifth year teaching. She previously taught private classes in an organization called the Community School of Music and Arts based in Mountain View. Tripp loves sushi and is currently buying sushi making materials to learn to make it herself. She likes the book Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and loves listening to Stevie Wonder. Along with helping students, Tripp has been learning about young students’ perspectives on the world. “I think that this generation of teens, becoming young adults, is making them so incredible. We all have potential to transform over time.” 

Sandra Than is currently a senior at Washington High School. She was born in San Francisco but has lived in Fremont for most of her life. This is her first time writing for the paper, but she’s very excited to be a part of it. Arts and gaming is what she’s most interested in covering. As expected, Sandra herself indulges in painting and digital art both in school and outside. Through journalism, Sandra hopes to improve her writing skills and get to know more about relevant and important news.

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