New Year, New Staff: Ann Nguyen

Ann Nguyen is a new English teacher at Washington High School. She chose to teach English because she feels like it’s the only subject that can transport you to different worlds. Nguyen currently teaches 9th and 10th grade, which she enjoys because she believes underclassmen are bright, kind, and willing to ask for help. Nguyen attended UC Davis, where she earned a BA in English Language and Composition and a minor in education. She is currently working on her master’s in education at the UC Davis School of Education. Previously, Nguyen has taught 10th and 11th graders in Dixon and 7th graders as well as AVID students in Davis, California. In her free time, she makes stuffed animals, alters clothing, and enjoys taking care of her plants, which bring her joy. To Nguyen, teaching is inspiring because it can always make an impact on a student’s life, no matter how small the difference is. She chose to become a teacher because she wants to make sure that students are experiencing joy and the love of learning while they’re young. When she was in the first grade, she looked up to her teacher and wanted to be just like her. Over time, she began to think more practically about jobs and money while still trying to pursue a career she enjoyed. She tried to switch her career to writing professionally, but in the end she always returned to teaching because students always brought her happiness. Nguyen is motivated by her partner, family, and her dreams, and thinking about her future helps get her through tough times. (She dreams of having a cozy home and a nice cat). She continues working hard so she can get closer to that future being a reality. Nguyen’s students make an impact on her life everyday. “I would say, honestly, that my students teach me how to be a better person. Cheesy— I know— but teaching students makes me look inside myself as a student and how I can better myself so I can ensure they have a fun and authentic learning experience.”

It is currently Amal Afsal’s senior year at Washington High School. He was born and raised in Fremont, California. For his third and final year at the Hatchet, he will be the news editor. Amal enjoys writing about a variety of topics at the Hatchet, but prefers News and Opinions articles. In his free time, Amal enjoys playing video games while also occasionally watching television and browsing Reddit. He enjoys playing Badminton at WHS’s open gym and is employed by the restaurant, iniBurger. Amal wants to go to community college and transfer to a university within a couple of years.

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