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We live our whole life having to make difficult decisions, many that are life changing. When immigrants make the decision to leave their home country in search of a better life, they’re also making the decision of leaving behind their property, loved ones, and sadly, the possibility of returning to their homeland. This decision comes with consequences that can be difficult to deal with depending on the situation the person finds themselves in. In order to give ourselves an idea on why immigrants decide to go through a long journey to go to another country, we must get to the root of this question, and the background on the reason many immigrants decide to leave. 

On a personal level many immigrants have a story of their own to tell and an experience to share. Coming from an immigrant family myself, I have heard many stories about what it’s like to have to get used to a place and get comfortable with a brand new environment where many things become new and possibly frightening as well.  Being able to have my family as a primary source about what it is like to be an immigrant is an eye opening experience that has made me and many others that share similar experiences like my family’s, realize how many around the world aren’t aware of the cause and effects of immigration. People often come to a conclusion and make a wrong judgment without knowing the facts. Therefore, spreading awareness, telling true stories, and teaching about the reasons behind immigration can shed some light on the families and individuals who are discriminated against. 

As I spoke to my peers, close friends and family, I got a deeper understanding of why people take such a big leap of faith and leave everything behind. Although often, one of the main reasons is that they are on the run from something, the answer to my “why” came when my own family explained how many differences there are when it comes to their homeland and the United States; they seem to have been getting more opportunities here, they were thriving more financially, and most of all they finally were able to provide for themselves and their family members. As I recall after speaking to several family friends who had gone through the same situation, their main reason for making such a hard and life changing choice was to provide for their family and to work and fight for what they needed. Even though this decision is a tough one, at the end of the day it all depends on the circumstances that the person finds themselves in that pushes them to take on the journey. Every immigrant has a story to tell that should be heard and seen, which is why it’s very important to shed light on this topic, especially when many uniformed people decide to make negative judgments and discriminate against people who are just in search of a better life.

Angie Mendoza is currently a senior at Washington High School, born and raised in the Bay Area and surrounded by the Fremont community. With this being Angie’s very first year at the Hatchet, she is excited to be able to have the opportunity to write about events taking place in the community and the new ideas that will be brought to life in Fremont and Washington High School. In her free time Angie enjoys being able to go out and take in the fresh air while listening to her top music by her favorite artists. Aside from being “out and about” she’s also delighted by her time spent at home, whether it be taking naps or spending her time painting and drawing. Her future plans consist of being able to graduate high school and attending Ohlone college on a two year plan and major in psychology to fulfill her desires to become a psychologist in the near future.

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