Gunjan Saxena: A girl who learns firsthand of the power that determined women hold

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is a powerful and inspirational movie that follows the true story of the life of a small-town girl who has big dreams. Throughout her childhood, Gunjan dreams of becoming a pilot and finally has the opportunity to achieve this as a teenager. There are many hurdles that she has to overcome, especially the fight against sexism, as people are inclined to think that men have greater value and skill. Gunjan is on a mission to prove them wrong.

Gunjan Saxena is an uplifting figure who manages to motivate everyone who watches her story. The movie accompanies the life of an ambitious girl who wants to change the world for the better. In a society where males have the upper hand in jobs, Gunjan is able to prove them wrong. Her passion, the fire that grows inside of her, helps her achieve those goals. Gunjan’s father, a hardcore feminist, helps Gunjan throughout each of her struggles. He encourages her and makes sure that she doesn’t quit on her dreams. After getting backlash from the men in the pilot industry and resigning from the position of a pilot, Gunjan comes back stronger and more determined.

In a society where males have the upper hand in jobs, Gunjan is able to prove them wrong.

Gunjan lives in a community where men usually have the job of a pilot. It was a shock to Gunjan’s family when she decided to become a pilot. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe in her, it was that they thought the job of a pilot was too dangerous. In a society that blatantly underestimates women, they assumed that women were weak and couldn’t hold as much power as men. In Gunjan’s case, she wasn’t the most powerful character at first, but she eventually realizes the power that determined women can have and that she would never let men control her life again. The struggles that Gunjan went through only made her stronger and more confident in herself. With her willpower, Gunjan makes a name for herself as the first female pilot in the Kargil War. She worked hard, and even after getting rejected, she refused to give up. She knew she had what it took to become a pilot. This movie moved me and others who watched it because it showed that with determination and grit you can do anything you want to.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl was released on August 12, 2020, and is available on Netflix.

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