Volleyball sets the standard against Liberty and cruises to 6-1

On March 3rd,  against Liberty High School from Brentwood, California, Washington High School’s volleyball team scored a major win. The Huskies prepped very hard for the match, and  asasa result, they won all three games, while Liberty won none. This was a major win and made our school proud. 

The week before, the Washington varsity volleyball team won Saturday’s home tournament match against Lynbrook (San Jose, CA) by a score of 2-0. They also won a neutral tournament match against Aragon (San Mateo, CA) by a score of 2-0, a home non-conference match against Capuchino (San Bruno, CA) by a score of 3-0,  a non-conference match against San Leandro (CA) by a score of 3-0, and a home non-conference match against Livermore (CA) by a score of 3-0. 

This year, the volleyball team has won six different games, losing only one since the season started in February. The margin of victory of this year’s wins is greater than last year.. This clearly shows how much effort they put into practice and how much more efficient they have been during their official games.  When asked about the team’s performance throughout the season, Senior Michael Paine said, “So far we were in the preseason and performing well as we only lost one game during the tournament. We have the energy and enthusiasm on defense but need to improve our passing and serving. Overall we are excited for this season and look to win the league and go deep into the ncs tournament.”

In Tuesday’s home game, most of the players for Washington had monster hits in the first and the third sets. Their powerful swings set them apart from the rest of the kids from Liberty High. The team coordination was very well organized as well, which helped a lot during the second set when Liberty High’s team was fighting hard. In addition to having efficient coordination, the team also prepared well so that the right people were assigned to the right positions. However, regardless of the win they attained, the team is still looking to improve. When asked to reflect after the game, Paine said, “I think we got the win, but still need to tighten up some aspects of our play.”

This staff reporter graduated in 2020. Lakshmi Valaboju is a senior at Washington High School. She was born in New Jersey, and she moved a lot throughout her life. This is her first year working at the school’s paper. She likes covering technology or similar topics in the journalism field. She likes to watch tv, paint, and write.

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