Fremont teacher of the year John Muragu’s dedication and impact

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Becoming the teacher of the year isn’t just a title; it is evidence of dedication, passion and a positive impact on students’ lives. John Muragu is a resource teacher at Washington High School with a deep-rooted commitment to his students. Achieving Teacher of the Year marks a significant milestone in his career as a teacher. Muragu shares that, “I have been teaching in FUSD since 2017 but before that, I was a teacher’s assistant since 2014 at Washington High School too.” His journey into education was driven by his passion for working with students.

When Muragu moved to the U.S. from Africa he took a bit of time adjusting to how the education system worked in the U.S., but he recognized the pivotal role educators play in developing kids’ minds. “I like working with students, and have since my elementary school days,” he says. “I felt like my teachers in high school did not prepare me as much as I would have wanted them to, so I made it a point to help other students with their academics and other areas like their social and emotional skills.” His reflection on his high school experience allowed him to address educational gaps as he demonstrated his commitment to help others navigate academic challenges.

One thing that sets Muragu apart is his interests outside of school. “I love nature. You will find me doing outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, road trips, as well as camping. I enjoy riding my motorcycle when the weather is favorable,” he shared. His love for nature and his adventurous spirit mirrors how he is in his classroom and mirrors his approach to teaching.

Muragu’s nomination as Teacher of the Year by the Principal Bob Moran speaks volumes about his impact within the school community. “I nominated Mr. Muragu because he brings great energy, creativity, and insight to his role as a teacher on the Washington campus,” Moran says. “Mr. Muragu is an advocate for students; he builds relationships with families, and we are a better school because of leadership.” Principal Bob Moran emphasizes his impact and leadership within the school community. 

Achieving this award means more than personal recognition for Mr. Muragu; it shows the impact he has made in the students’ lives and in the school. When asked about his goals for the next year, he shared, “My goals are to provide more academic support to my students so that they can succeed in their academic journeys. I would also like to travel to South America.” His award shows how dedicated he is to making Washington High a welcoming place and influencing people positively. With committed teachers such as Mr. Muragu, we are working together to  create an environment for students’ success.

Jim Mejorada is a junior at Washington High School. He was born and raised in the Philippines for 11 years and moved to Fremont CA in 2018. This is Jim’s first year on the paper. He likes writing about space, games, sports and nature. His favorite hobbies are playing games, skateboarding, going outdoors and exploring random areas. His future plans are to possibly go to college and do his best to be wealthy then live comfortably.

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