Fernando Mendoza: Soccer sensation at Washington High School

Images from Fernando Mendoza.

Washington Junior Fernando Mendoza is one of the MVPs, and mentors, of our soccer team.

Fernando is also a role model for the other players on the team, and people in school in general often look up to him for advice. He does all of this while maintaining a rigorous schedule balancing school and work.

Fernando started soccer in elementary school when he was only four. He started playing when his dad introduced it to him, and it became a fun sport they could play together. At first, Mendoza says that he was “a bad player,” but through his hard work and effort, he was able to improve. When he was young he would practice 2-3 times a week and have games on the weekends. His determination even at a young age was what propelled his career.

Fernando started playing on a youth team when he was four. Although he had lots to learn, his determination pulled him through and separated him from the others. 

Today Fernando Mendoza is one of the most valued players here at Washington High School. As one of the seasoned veterans of our soccer team, he can hand out advice to many other soccer players. For example, Ibrahim Najmudin, a soccer player on the JV team, looks up to Fernando whenever he needs help. Ibrahim states, “Fernando has been a player I can always depend on whenever I need help with something or just somebody to talk game with.” Not only is Fernando a great soccer mentor, but a leader and friend to his teammates.

Although Fernando is a great soccer player, it never came for free. Fernando’s work ethic is incredibly strict, encouraging him to play and try his hardest. For Fernando to improve he has to be able to take advice just as well as he gives it. He is also playing ten hours every week: eight hours in the week for practices, and 2 hours for games. He plays year-round both at school and at club soccer in order to pursue his dream of becoming a college athlete. 

Fernando’s love for soccer runs deep. Although it was his father who introduced it to him and taught him the basics, his interest in soccer goes much further back. It all started when Fernando’s great-grandfather started to play soccer, eventually passing it down from generation to generation. It was first Fernando’s great-grandfather, then his father, then his brother, until it finally reached Fernando himself. Everybody in his family has played and enjoyed the sport, setting high expectations for Fernando to meet, but with how hard he works he will be able to achieve a captain spot, and maybe even play in college.

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