Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

A convicted sex offender with ties to many politicians and celebrities suspisciously dies in jail. The given narrative by mainstream media is that Jeffrey Epstein commited suicide in his cell. As the evidence is mounting, however, things just don’t point to suicide. It’s hard to believe that a man that was in bed with lots of famous and influential people, who don’t want their secrets getting out, would kill himself.

Epstein started his professional career as a teacher but then joined the banking industry. As his sphere of influence grew, he began to acquire many women and underaged girls for his sex trafficking ring. In 2008, Epstein was convicted and served 18 months for soliciting a minor for prostitution, and he had recently returned to prison in July of 2019 for a new batch of sex trafficking charges. Epstein claimed to have damaging information on many powerful individuals, such as Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton. Epstein was willing to talk, and he could have put some of these people in prison. The inevitable question arises: did Epstein really kill himself?

It seems to be quite a suspicious scenario. Epstein had been on suicide watch just three  weeks prior and had recently been taken off suicide watch. The guards outside his cell were supposed to check in on him every half hour. After investigation, it turns out they were surfing the Internet looking for furniture and motorcycles as well as snoozing on the job. They were indicted for not checking in and falsifying jail records. Epstein’s body was moved from the cell after he was discovered, without one photograph taken. Other photographs were taken after his body was moved. This is against jail protocol. According to prison protocol, the scene of a suicide must have the same level of protection as any other crime scene in which a death has occured. Epstein’s body should have been preserved in its position when it was found. This information combined with the fact that there is not a single photograph of Epstein’s body in his cell suggests that perhaps this was done on purpose to hide further evidence that would suggest foul play. 

After Epstein’s death, his older brother Mark Epstein hired famous forensic pathologist Michael Baden to observe the autopsy. Along with another well known pathologist, Baden concluded that Epstein’s neck marks resemble those of a murder and not suicide from hanging. There were also other broken bones in the neck that weren’t consistent with a hanging. The noose which Epstein supposedly used to hang himself was about four feet from the ground, while Epstein was nearly six feet tall. So, how would Epstein hang himself from a noose so short? This suspicious noose also had no traces of blood on it, while the graphic photos of Epstein’s dead body show a bloody gash on his neck. The gash on Epstein’s neck is lower than what is usually found on suicide victims and resembles a wound that was inflicted by perhaps a wire or cord.

Epstein owned a private island commonly referred to as “Sin Island” where many young girls were imprisoned, and where wild orgies happened. Epstein would host politicians, world dignitaries, and other influential people on his island. The fact that Epstein had some dirt on so many powerful people makes it possible that someone slipped the guards some cash to look the other way while someone made him disappear. That sure would prevent him from spilling the beans and possibly ruining their promising careers. In light of the evidence and the tampering with the crime scene, one can’t help but conclude that murder is highly probable in this case. 

Rio Collett is a Senior at Washington High School. He has lived in Fremont his entire life. This is Rio’s third year at the paper. Rio loves exploring conspiracy theories as well as letting people know what’s going on near them. Rio loves to game on his pc and plans to go to college and get a job that pays well.

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