Diversity at the WHS art show

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Art creates an environment in which people can be themselves and constructs a place where people can grow tremendously.

Washington High School was able to contribute to this, by hosting their very own art show during the first semester. This show was advertised as The Winter Art Show. This show was set up by the teachers of Washington High School, and was open to any student, staff, or administrator at the school. In order for participants to have their work in the art show, they must pass through a visual evaluation of their work by the organizers. Charlene Ngyuen, a senior, explained how she “posted my art on a google form,” with information on her, and her artwork. Some of this information included how the art was made, and the title of the work. As the show was not strict, most of the artists who submitted their works were able to have their work showcased. 

The different pieces of art at the show ranged from ceramic items to digital drawings. With a big amount of diversity, it provided viewers of the art show with the idea that art is so large and there are many different ways of going about art. Gurveer Singh, a junior at Washington High with his art in the show, explained how every piece of art varied in their own ways. He described how the mugs at the show were “completely opposite” than the pastel paintings, but both of them had their own beauty to themselves. Regardless of how the project was made, the end product was what mattered and how it expressed and came from the artist itself. Gurveer then goes on to explain how he likes “to focus on certain techniques and composition” and makes his “art emotionally driven and for other students to relate to that is basically my process, also I love to use my imagination to see where it takes me.” In addition to Gurveer, there were many other students who submitted their works. From viewing their art, it was clear to see how many of these students have bright futures with their natural talent of producing diverse art. 

As The Winter Art Show was held at times where the public could view the art, these viewings were filled with people. Specifically, students were seen standing and viewing the different pieces of art. The students talked to their friends and would talk about how cool the different art pieces were. Pictures were taken by students, and even posted to social media. This was a positive for many students, as their art was able to get on the internet, where anything can happen. 

In conclusion, the Winter Art Show at Washington High School was able to bring students out of their shell, and also created a space for students to express themselves. From a ceramic batman mug, to an acrylic painting of The Weekend, whatever it was, it was able to express the artist and provided the audience with amazement.

Manjinder Singh is a Junior at Washington High School. He grew up in Union City, and he moved to Fremont when he was six years old. This is his first year at the Washington High School newspaper, The Hatchet. He is interested in sports and technology. During his free time he enjoys spending time with friends and family. Additionally, he likes playing sports (specifically basketball). His future plans are to spend two years at Ohlone community college and to transfer to a UC. He has a strong will, and believes he can do anything he puts his mind to.

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