Club Rush 2019

What makes a high school year such a blast? Maybe it’s a sport you participate in, or maybe it’s the friends you hang out with after school. But, have you ever thought about joining a club? On September 18-19, all of Washington’s clubs go out to the grass in the middle of campus so students can come and check out what clubs the school is offering. 

Brian Diaz, currently a student at Ohlone College, states that “it was fun playing a sport in High School but it would’ve been funner if I had joined a club. But now I am playing soccer here at Ohlone and joined the MECHA, which is a club that is meant to promote higher education, culture and history, community service, and outreach to high school.” According to Diaz, MECHA “creates a community where Latinx students can feel comfortable.” We have MECHA here at Washington too. Aldo Camarillo, a senior here at Washington High School has participated in MECHA all his four years in high school. “Once I joined the club, something told me I have to do this all these four years,” he said “Why? Because this feels like an actual Mexican culture and the people you meet makes this much more fun. Also, we get food and make a big potluck at the end.”

There aren’t just cultural clubs around the school. We also have  clubs for students in need, or clubs that are related to school courses. DECA is a great example. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. DECA also helps the next generation to be academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders. Mr. Wu is the head of DECA here at Washington High School and he also teaches math. Senior Rishika Singh says “I joined DECA because I’d heard about it from upperclassmen and was interested in learning more about the business world, while improving my public speaking skills.” Shrishit Dansingh, another senior, states that she joined DECA because “my sister was in DECA when she was in high school and ever since then I was intrigued by what it is and how conferences work. I joined DECA primarily because my sister was an avid member of it but also to meet new people, learn fundamental business skills, and become more comfortable when talking to big crowds.”

This reporter has graduated.
Patricio Torres is a senior at Washington High School. Patricio is a second year staff reporter for the Hatchet. Patricio's interests are mainly on Sports and Health since he is an athlete here at Washington. He was born in Pomona, CA and moved to Fremont at 4 years old. His interests in writing are mostly for Sports and Health, although he enjoys writing for News once in a while. After high school, he will be attending Ohlone College then transferring to San Jose State to achieve a Major in Electrical Engineering.

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