Breaking barriers: The Husky Buddies Club’s journey of overcoming challenges

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School isn’t just about hitting the books; you’re entering a world where participating and getting involved in school activities can change your future. We’re here to talk about the Husky Buddies Club, what they do, and how it impacts students. Join us as we go deeper into how this special class works.

For special education students, going to school comes with many unique challenges, but there are people on campus who recognize those challenges and help them overcome them the best they can. Schools play a role in establishing clubs and other extracurricular activities that students may be interested in. The Husky Buddies Club is a program that has WHS students work alongside Special Education students at Washington. Together with Ms. Buffey, a teacher at Washington, they participate in events and other gatherings that offer opportunities for special education students to showcase their talents and be recognized. 

Ms. Buffey teaches a special education class that she herself learns from. She states, “Learning from my kids has taught me many things about them, such as knowing what they want and when they want it, and how to calm them down nicely by asking them what they want to do and letting them do it at an appropriate time. It includes physical activities, arts and crafts, and more. The kids enjoy it.” Ms. Buffey’s teaching style is amazing for her students. It allows trust and communication to run between them. Allowing her students to trust their teacher makes Ms. Buffey’s life a little easier, knowing that she can approach her students and give them a closer learning experience.

 But Ms. Buffey herself worked hard to get where she is currently. “I went to college and I realized I was good with working with special kids so I decided to switch my major into working with special education students,” she says. Ms. Buffey recognized her skills and decided to help students overcome their challenges. Now, with the Husky Buddies program that we have in Washington, Ms. Buffey easily connects with people who are willing to participate in creating a supportive and thriving educational environment for the students. She then stated, “The Husky [Buddies] program is one of the best programs ever since I could easily connect with people and they would help out which is a lifesaver.” 

Ms. Buffey’s class achieved a lot in the past years, impacting her and her students. “We won the Special Olympics which I was proud of, the kids were really happy,” she says. “I was also happy that people were able to help us out because this whole thing wouldn’t be possible without them.” Ms. Buffey’s resilience helped her achieve her goals for herself and her class. Her hard work and dedication also impacted the lives of her peers and her students making this one of the best clubs in school. 

However, despite all the achievements, Ms. Buffey faces challenges that she had to overcome. In her own words,  “I would sometimes be too tired and not have the energy to teach, but  I still push through even though I’m tired and I don’t want to. It happens every day but I know I have to do it for my students.” Ms. Buffey’s challenges unveil the mental toil that she sometimes struggles with. The complexity of meeting the diverse needs of her students creates a wall that Ms. Buffey always breaks through, which highlights her skills and abilities when occupied with challenges coming her way.

Jim Mejorada is a junior at Washington High School. He was born and raised in the Philippines for 11 years and moved to Fremont CA in 2018. This is Jim’s first year on the paper. He likes writing about space, games, sports and nature. His favorite hobbies are playing games, skateboarding, going outdoors and exploring random areas. His future plans are to possibly go to college and do his best to be wealthy then live comfortably.

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