Behind the scenes of Journalism

For 104 years, Huskies have been looking to the Hatchet for their school news, as editors and reporters strive to create accurate and useful news for students. The Hatchet is run by Chief Editors Jayanth Naga Sai Pasupulati and Faiz Khan, who keep their staff in check with Mr. Mogey supervising and editing when needed. The Hatchet is made up of five sections: News, run by Gaby Calvillo; Opinions, run by Bhavya Dhulipalla; Features, run by Da’Shae Hall; Arts and Entertainment, run by Sonali Whittle; and Sports and Health, run by Faiz Khan and the website, run by Abhay Naik. During a normal class period, the room is bustling with reporters working on their articles and editors working hard in the backroom. Faiz Khan, one of the editors-in-chief, enjoys being able to lead a newsroom and taking on the responsibilities of not only managing a class of staff reporters but also an editorial team. Once a month, however, Pasupulati brings the whole newsroom together to discuss the staff editorial, an article that is a culmination of the staff’s opinions on a specific topic. The staff editorial is written by Pasupulati, who believes that it “is great because it unifies the Hatchet staff to have a conversation about issues that affect the school.” The staff editorial, along with other articles, are edited by the respective section editors and later all these articles are laid out in Adobe InDesign. After designing the pages, the newspapers are sent to Fricke Press, a printing press based in Union City, the day before publication. The next day, when the class receives the printed papers, they are distributed across the school. This year, the Hatchet team is committed to using tech to report news. One way is through social media portals such as Instagram and Twitter. This year, the Hatchet is also launching its official website to make news more accessible. This website is being created by Abhay Naik, a former Hatchet editor and a website developer currently at the Hatchet. Naik has been working on the website from the past ten months, and he believes that it “will lead to a new and exciting phase of the Hatchet”

Leia Pagan is a senior at Washington and has lived in Fremont their entire life. This is their second year at the paper and first year as News Editor. They joined to pursue their passion for reporting and they enjoy covering politics and LGBTQ+ topics. Their hobbies include drawing, listening to the kpop group Loona and watching drag performances. They plan to continue their education in English or Art at San Francisco State.

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